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Zuri Kye Edwards: Information about him and his family


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Zuri Kye Edwards is a music producer manager and the reason behind his popularity is only his famous mother. Zuri Kye Edwards’s mother named Patti LaBelle is a well-known personality among people. He came into the limelight because of his famous mother.

If you want to more about him and his popular mother then you have to go through the article.

Who is Zuri Kye Edwards? (Biography)

As described earlier in the article that he is a music producer and a manager. Now, people know him in the world but he is not as famous as his mother (Patti LaBelle) is. He was born on 17 July 1973 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United State America. As he was born in the American State so he has American Nationality.

The color of the hair is black and the eye color is brown of Zuri Kye. His profession is music producer and manager and his marital status is married. The name of his parents is Patti LaBelle and Armstead Edwards. He is now 49 years old (according to June 2023).

He married Lona Edwards and he also three has children named Gia, Leyla, and Zuri Jr. Gia and Leyla are daughters while Zuri Jr is a son. Zuri Kye Edwards has four siblings and their names are Dodd Stocker-Edwards, Stanley Stocker, William, and Stayce Holte.

Relationship between Patti LaBelle and Zuri Kye Edwards?

Patti LaBelle is the mother of Zuri Kye Edwards and she is a popular personality in the world. Patti LaBelle is an author, singer and songwriter, and businesswoman. As she is a singer and songwriter, so some songs “When you talk about love”, “Lady Marmalade”, and “New Attitude” received universal admiration. Patti LaBelle was born on 24 May 1944 and now she is 79 years old. Armstead Edwards is the ex-husband of Patti LaBelle and their marriage has remained for 30 years and then divorced.

Patti LaBelle’s career

She came in front of the world and started her career in 1960 and she also made an album with her group members. The album was released in 2008 with the group members Nona Hendryx and Sarah Dash. They put effort to make the album that contained a collection of new songs and singles.

As far as the net worth of Patti LaBelle is concerned, her net worth is approximately $60 million.

Zuri Kye Edwards’s wife?

Zuri Kye Edwards’s wife is Lona Edwards and they have two daughters and their names are Gia and Leyla and one son named Zuri Jr. They often post their pictures on Instagram with their family. The daughters of Zuri Kye Edwards are both little. The residence of Zuri Kye Edwards and his family is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is expected that they are living healthy and loving life together.

Profession of Zuri Kye

Zuri Kye Edwards has become a manager for his mother when his mother appointed him as a manager. Now, he is serving his mother by holding a managerial position. He is also a known personality in the world because of his successful work on some famous productions. He worked in a brilliant way in Patti LaBelle’s “Journeys in Black (2000)”, “Place (2015)”, and “Biography (1987)”. These successful and well-known productions became the reason behind his popularity in the world and reveal his skills in the film industry as well as entertainment.

It has proven that he is a good and skilled manager.

To Conclude

In order to conclude the article, I would say that Zuri Kye Edwards is the man who belongs to a popular woman in the world of film and entertainment industries. His mother (Patti LaBelle who is an ex-wife of Armstead Edwards) is a businesswoman, songwriter, singer, and author, and one of the world-famous personalities. He was also appointed as a manager for his mother and he has proved his managerial skills in front of the world. Lona Edwards is the wife of Zuri Kye Edwards and they have three children.

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