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Y2meta: A tool to download Youtube videos


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Y2meta is the best tool to download Youtube Videos for free and with the standard of quality you want. You have no need for any third-party application or software to download your desired Youtube videos on your personal computer or mobile. One requirement to use this wonderful tool is that you must connect your device to the internet and you should use a reliable browser. Y2meta is the security software you are using. For those applications that provide functionalities online then it might be chances that they can be interrupted by any hacker. But Y2meta provides you with a safe way to download Youtube videos according to your need.

What is Y2meta?

Y2meta is the name of the tool that allows you to download Youtube videos. If you search on Google then you will find this tool on the result page. It is a website in which you can download your favorite video on a PC or mobile or tablet for free of cost. It also provides you the ability to convert Youtube videos and Youtube to mp3.

If you want to know how can we use it and want to know about its features then just scroll down because I mentioned below in this article.

Y2meta Supports Different Formats

Y2meta is a great tool because it supports different types of formats. If you want to download Youtube Videos then you have options of multiple formats. It has multiple formats just for your ease. Many people want to download videos in different formats. Y2meta downloads videos into numerous formats such as MP3, MP4, WEBM, M4V, 3GP, WMV, FLV and MO, etc.

Various MP3 bit rates such as 64kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps, 320kbps. It supports a wide range of formats and many MP3 bits rates.

How can we use it?

As this tool is a user-friendly tool so anyone who doesn’t have enough knowledge about using different applications can use it easily. If you want to download your desired video from Youtube. You have to follow several steps in order to download your favorite video quickly and efficiently.

  • Go to Google and search y2meta. Open this easy-to-use website (Y2meta).
  • Copy the URL of your favorite video and paste it into the search box of Y2meta.
  • After pasting the URL, choose the format (MP3, MP4, 3GP, etc.) in which you want to download the video.
  • Just wait for a few seconds to complete the conversion.
  • And the last step is to press the download button in order to download it.

Benefits of Y2meta

Several benefits of the y2meta tool:

  • Download Youtube videos in HD quality.
  • An easy and quick way to download and convert the video.
  • It is a secure tool to download.
  • You have no need to any registration and log in.
  • The user-pleasant interface provides a simple way to download your favorite videos for users.
  • It supports various formats for conversion.
  • Download multiple videos from Y2meta.
  • It is a free-of-cost tool.

Features of Y2meta

This tool has numerous features to make it more reliable for users. These features can encourage you to use this tool.

· Secure

This conversion tool is the safest tool for users. It provides you with a secure environment against malware and viruses.

· Quick Conversion

Just you have to paste the URL of your favorite video in the tool and it will quickly convert your videos into different formats within seconds.

· Support Various Formats

One of the best aspects of this tool is that it supports multiple formats to download the video. It includes various formats such as MP4, MP3, 3GP, etc.

· No Limitations to download

There are no limitations to downloading the video you like. You can download unlimited videos from this tool with just a few clicks.

· Free Tool

You have no to pay charges in order to use it because it is 100% free to download the video. The free-of-cost tool gives you great functionality.

· Download Audio

It enables you to download the audio of any video. Sometimes, people don’t want to watch videos so they can use this tool in order to get the audio of a particular video in a high-quality.


To conclude this article on y2meta, I would say that this is an all-in-one tool. You have multiple features if you use it. Features are from security to support multiple formats in order to download. Users have no need to create an account in order to use it. As no registration is required in this tool. Fast download the videos.

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