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Wickedness Game: A Storytelling in which three players Face many Challenges


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Wickedness Game is an imaginary game tabletop RPG that is about the pliability and power of an unusual community. So this game is written for exactly three players and one tarot deck, with no cube and no GM. They maintain the dangerous balance between the overworld and the underworld, to prevent the end of the world. So the coven will face challenges and sit by the cards, weaving them together into a long saga. And form a coven between three spiritual models and try to keep your world of magic anonymous. So in balance with the mundane world, in the spirit of its ignorance, poverty, and violence. So this task has the magicians make huge sacrifices during the story and their bodies suffer, and allies are deceived. And dark forces are at play and solidarity within the coven is also put to the test.

Chapters of Wickedness Game:


Wickedness game consists of three chapters and it is a storytelling game that faces many challenges. So at the start, the character’s allies and setting are established in truths.


In this characters will face issues and conflicts that they must overcome together. But there is a question of how far the witches are willing to go. So they must decide the problems to leave unclear and they don’t have adequate means to slope to all problems. And if they go too far, this influences their personality. So unity within the coven and also in their direct environment.


In this, the battle between the overworld and the underworld intensifies. So depending the how the witches have used their resources the result is the downfall of one of the kingdoms. And the closure of the coven or an awful destiny for one of the witches.

Three Witches are the main characters of the Wickedness game:

During character formation, you control through the tarot surface who plays that role in that coven. So there is the pure heart, the wild essence, and the old soul. And wickedness Game that supplies you with two pages of these roles to an individual for creating their role. So like PBTA games replay, you can select every character detail from a list of names. These are abilities, strengths, weaknesses, backstory events, and sources of magical power. So you regulate the tarot card that heavenly body each witch keen herself to like the sun, moon, or stars. Each body comes with an attribute and Wickedness game creation is great fun. So the tarot cards and many options, donate a lot to the atmosphere and joy of playing. The players can determine many characters’ background information and weave stories together.

What are the settings of the Wickedness Game?

  • So the story is about three witches that maintain the balance between the kingdom of the overworld and the underworld. There are Both dominions are ambitious by gluttony and want anything but peaceful living. So these witches are seen with suspicion by the dominions and the coven faces aggression and conspiracy.
  • So both kingdoms are not defined at the start of the Wickedness Game during character creation. Players determine what they would look like and who rules over them. So for example the underworld can be the kingdom of the dead and a demonic hellscape. The game provides inspiration to aid the players in their decisions.
  • This Wickedness Game comes with three settings and at the start, players choose between imaginary, city imaginary, and cyberpunk. So Wickedness game provides different character arcs and plot hooks. This gives room for players to modify the game.

Can we buy this Wickedness Game?

Yes, we can buy this fantasy Wickedness game and we can buy it in PDF but we will pay for it. So we know that this is a storytelling game that is about the pliability and power of an unusual community. This game consists of three settings and three main characters and we can enjoy this fantasy game. So the witches face many challenges in this and they will decrease these struggles together. Many people want to purchase this Wickedness Game and this is available at Possum Creek Games. But this game is available as a PDF file and you will pay for this Wickedness game. So you will pay 20 dollars for this game or as a softcover bundle for 30 dollars. This is the reasonable price for this fantasy game and you will get it as in PDF file after paying.


Wickedness Game is a great interpretation of the witch coven themes as a story. So this is a storytelling and consists of three witches and they face many challenges. The manuscripts are written with a lot of love and care perfectly describe the setting. So the storytelling is excellent and carried out with a tarot floor and shared explanation methods. This Wickedness Game comes with three settings and those who like quiet years get their hands.


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