Uni Food: Delicious foods to Eat

There are many seafood that are delicious in taste and have mouth-watering looking. Actually, seafood is one of the best foods that has many advantages for your health including improving your brain power, source of necessary nutrients, promoting heart health, etc. There is a variety of seafood from fish to sushi food. In this article, I will also tell you in detail about Uni Food.

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Information about Sea Urchin

Sea urchin is one of the marine animals that is covered with spines. Sea urchins belong to a group of invertebrate animals that reside in the sea. Invertebrate animals are symmetrical including starfish, sea cucumbers, and sand dollars. You may have seen pictures of sea urchins, if you haven’t seen then there is a brief explanation of their look. It is a globed-shaped animal that has spines (spines are like pincushions) and sea urchin moves and protects itself from enemies by using its spines. It is scientifically called globular echinoderms.

But one thing is how people can eat sea urchin, so people can eat its edible part and it is a reproductive organ of sea urchin.

We will know more about its reproductive organ and Uni Food.

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About Uni Food

Uni Food is the edible part of sea urchin and it is a very famous seafood. Actually, Uni is the Japanese word for the reproductive organ of sea urchins. One thing that should be kept in mind is that only the reproductive organ or edible part of sea urchins can eat. Because sea urchin is covered with spines (pincushion) so people can only eat the edible part of sea urchin. The Edible part of sea urchin is gonads and it is famous in sushi dishes. Uni Food is very popular in Japan and the Japanese like to eat it.

What is Uni Roe?

Typically Uni Roe is called just Uni, as described above that gonads organ contains the roe. Uni Roe or typically known as Uni is a yellowish or orange color organ that is very soft that provides a buttery touch. If you eat it, it melts in your mouth. You can use it as raw food, or it can be cooked and used to garnish.

Different types of Uni Food

Uni is the part of sea urchin that is fit to eat and there are six types of sea urchin (commonly called uni).

  • Murasaki uni is one of the popular uni whom Japanese like. It is a purple-colored uni.
  • Bafun uni is the orange color uni that has an umami taste.
  • Kitamurasaki uni is a type of uni that is pale yellow in color but sometimes orange and has long spiked.
  • Ezobafun uni has short spines and it the dull dark green-colored.
  • Shirahige uni has a sweet and powerful umami taste.
  • Aka uni is red in color and has a sweet taste.

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Two types of Uni Food that are most popular

There are two types of uni that are famous in Japan. Most Japanese like these two types of Uni.

  • Murasaki Uni
  • Bafun Uni

•          Murasaki Uni

Murasaki uni food is the best uni sea urchin among Japanese. It has a different flavor from Bafun uni because it is less sweet and salty. The Murasaki Uni is a purple-colored sea urchin (spiny shell) but its meat is a pale yellow or sometimes orange. Kita Murasaki uni is a variety of Murasaki uni that has a delicious taste with sweetness.

•          Bafun Uni

Bafun uni food is also one of the best types of uni sea urchin. Bafun uni is an orange-colored uni that gives an umami taste. The spiny shell of Bafun uni is brown but the inside meat is orange in color. Ezo Bafun is the variety of Bafun uni and it gives the umami with the sweetness and creaminess in your mouth.

One of the important things is that Hokkaido is a region of Japan and uni comes from Hokkaido is one of the best uni in taste and aroma. These are creamier, sweeter, and umami in taste but expensive!

How do people eat uni?

Uni (sea urchin) is very famous in Japan and it is also a dish that comes from different areas of Japan. Japanese people also take raw uni and drape it over sushi and sashimi. People in Italy and France take the uni with rice and also take the buttered baguette with uni. But one suggestion is that wash the uni well in order to avoid sand.

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How do people eat the uni in different ways?

People living in the world, eat the uni in different ways.

  • People in Japan eat uni Sushi which consists of draping the uni over sushi rolls.
  • People in France take the uni with a buttered baguette. Baguette is seasoned with lemon and garlic.
  • People in Italy take uni sauce that is seasoned with butter and eat them with pasta. Uni pasta is a very famous dish in Italy.

Some advantages of uni

Most seafood contains different types of nutrients. As uni (sea urchin) is also a seafood so it provides many benefits to the human body. Uni food contains Vitamin C and vitamin A and also Omega-3. Omega-3s provide a lot of benefits to the human body such as reducing inflammation, reducing blood pressure, powering brain functions, and reducing triglycerides.

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