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Toshi Dezaki: An Ordinary Man Become Celebrity


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Toshi Dezaki is one of the well-known personalities among other managing directors. He is a famous senior managing director at Ankura. Ankura provides skilled persons and experienced advisors to serve the people. Toshi Dezaki is also a seasoned man with long-period experience.

If you are interested to know more about Toshi Dezaki then you are at the right place. You just have to go through the article.

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Who is Toshi Dezaki?

Toshi Dezaki is a famous man and serves as a senior managing director at Ankura. Ankura is located in Washington, DC in the United States of America. He has experience of 25 years in consulting services. He is well-known for his services around the world. He is serving national and international clients through his consulting services. Essentially, he is doing his job for the construction and government sectors which are on contracts. He is a very famous figure in the United States because he also works with the public as well as private owners, contractors, engineering firms, and subcontractors with different advice.

As he is working as a senior managing director at Ankura which is located in the United States, so he also has worked on different projects in the United States. Despite working on different projects in the United States, he has also worked on different projects and these projects are located in Asia, Canada, South America, Africa, and Europe.


He is also well-educated and got the degree of BS and MBA.

  • He did an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.
  • He did the BS from the United States Military Academy, West Point.

If a person has done these degrees with full of attention then he/she gains much confidence and the first step to becoming eligible for different industries. By completing MBA and BS, Toshi got the knowledge and confidence to work with different industry sectors.

Experiences make the human expert and skilled person. So Let’s talk about his doings in different industry sectors.

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Toshi Dezaki’s Engagement in Industries

As described earlier in the article that Toshi has a long span of experience with different types of industries. His contracting engagement with different government sectors helped him to become a well-known personality in the world. We just see his contracting engagements but behind these engagements, there is a lot of effort and attention to the vision. Toshi worked with the construction and government sectors through contracting engagements and provided his talent and skills to the different industry sectors. There are some industry sectors such as healthcare, oil and gas, entertainment, energy, telecommunication, transportation, residential, marine, power, framework, accommodation, and as well as vertical construction.

Toshi’s efforts to address issues

Toshi did well in various and multiple projects in the United States as well as in Canada, Asia, South Africa, and Europe but he also addressed the issues. The issues are part of the project of any industry so the managing director must be good at handling and managing the issues related to changes. He managed the issues in different sectors of industries including energy, entertainment, healthcare, power, framework, oil and gas, marine, transportation, residential, telecommunication, and vertical construction. There were some issues that are relevant to terminations, delays, lost profits, loss in productivity, and also relevant to change order disputes.

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His performance in audits

Despite, handling the issues he also did audits of companies that those audits were construction audits. Audits are ongoing reviews of projects or of completing the project. It means he used to do construction audits of ongoing projects or at the end of the project. Toshi was asked to calculate the assignment of damages among different parties.

Qualification of Toshi in construction damages

The United States federal and state courts have certified the Toshi in construction damages as a skilled person.

Honors and Awards of Toshi Dezaki

Who’s Who Legal has analyzed top-level legal practitioners and skilled persons in business law. Then Who’s Who Legal says for Toshi Dezaki that “The outstanding, Toshi Dezaki makes the good condition for the clients in the way that they would return back without hesitancy. His practice features broad experience in construction cost analysis.”

  • Who’s Who Legal, Construction
  • Who’s Who Legal, Consulting Professional


There is an affiliation with American Bar Association, Associate.

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