The Main Character Is The Villain 23

villain Overview:

Here is the complete overview of “The main character is a Villain 23” and how they become villains.  The main character is someone who is the contender, the one who is trying to hamper the plans of the mainstay. Usually, they are the one who is causing problems in the story. The main character is villain 23 because they are the one who is causing all the ill will. Villains are the main character of their own stories. The villain is the one who is the central character of the story but is not the hero. The villain is also as important character as the hero because they are the one due to whom the story takes an interesting turn in it. None of the story is complete without a villain or a person creating clashes.

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History of Villain (the main character is the villain 23):

The main character is villain 23 was created by doctor doom in an attempt to create an immaculate villain. However, 23 was too perfect and ultimately turned on Doom. 23 then undertake a life of crime, using his powers to commit a variety of violence and felony. He has been a spike in the side of many heroes, involving the Avengers and the X-Men. 23 is a powerful villain, who is not to be depreciated. From that to onward 23 has become a central and main character.

The mindset of the villain:

It is to be said that the villain is actually a hero in his own world and he always feels that whatever he is doing is right. Firstly we have to remember that no one has ever been born a villain, this is our society that plays an important role in converting a man into a villain. Secondly, the villains are those people who have some psychopath disorders also becomes the villain. There are many distinct types of villains. But they all share one similar idiosyncrasy: they want something that they feel is deservedly theirs, and they will do whatever it takes to get it. This passion can be for power, money, or even just attention.

As the main character is the villain 23 contains all of the villains who are motivated by something, whether it is power, money, attention, or anything like this. What motivates a villain is not particular but all of them just want to get something and are ready to do anything for it. They do illegal acts to achieve their aim.

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Most ionic villains (the main character is the villain):

Villains endure that they are entitled to what they want and nothing can stop them to get what they want. The main character is the 23, and one of the most iconic or legendary villains of all time is Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise. Vader is an excellent example of a villain who is influenced by power. He is preoccupied with crushing Rebel Alliance and seizing the control of the galaxy. He is inclined to destroy everyone and everything that gets in his way, even his own children. Vader is a perfect example of, how power can disrepute someone and convert them into a criminal.

Another sort of villain is the one who is influenced by money. Most probably, all the villains are seen as self-obsessed and greedy. These types of villains are always willing to do anything for money, even if it hurts innocent people. Mr. Burns from The Simpsons is the perfect example of this the character. He is the type of person who is always chasing more and more money and is willing to do everything to take it. Mr. Burns has also been known to ill-treat his own employees just to save a few bucks.

Another kind of main character is the villain 23; the one who is motivated for seeking attention. This villain seeks attention and is ready to do anything to get it. The main character is vallian 23 often has dilated egos and is very conceited. Joker from the Batman franchise is a good example of this type of villain. He is repeatedly seeking attention and will go to great lengths to get it. He is willing to harm anyone who gets in his way and doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

The motivation of the main character is the villain:

The thing that motivates people to be a villain is their craze to get something which leads them to do evil. Besides this, they may be motivated by money and power or they might want to seek attention. This attention-seeking of the main character is the villain 23, leading them to harm innocent people for the sake of their own benefit. They are even ready to take benefits from their close ones to fulfill their desires. They don’t have a fare of police or divine power and are the most selfish and greedy.

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The main character is the Villain 23:

The main character is villain 23; is a story about a villain and the procedure he uses to achieve something for what he has desired. However, the villain is a very sharp and cunning person. He knows very well how to use people for his own benefit and knows how to deal with the situation. He is always one step ahead of the hero and has better planning ability than the hero. The villain always pre-plan his acts and knows very well how to bring the situation under control. Moreover, he never loses his temper and has a strong control over himself. He knows very well how to treat people according to his need.

The main character is the villain 23; he is always confident and is sure about himself. He never doubts himself and knows very well about his acts. The villain is always a cold-hearted person. He doesn’t care about anyone and does everything for what he wants. He can do anything for his desires whether it takes away his most precious thing. The villains never feel hesitation to kill anyone for their own benefit. In addition, the villain is always skillful in everything and also in using people for his desires. He always knows very well how to use people and knows how to take advantage of people.

The main character is villain 23; who is always in search of collecting more and more power. He is never satisfied by the power he has, although he is powerful. And always remains in search of more and more power and authority. The villain is always selfish and is concerned with himself and does not care about anyone. He is always evil and does not have any concern with others feelings.

People suffering due to villains:

The main character is the villain 23: the innocent people are the one who becomes victims of the villains. The ones who are caught by the villain’s action and get harms are the family members, the friends and the people around the villains are the ones who are catch by the villain’s action and get harmed. Mostly, the victim of the villain is the one who are most important to the hero. The victim of the villain is always the main part of the story and every story is incomplete without the villain’s victim. The fight between the hero and the main character is the villain 23 is endless; where the villain harms the family and friends of the hero and the hero takes himself responsible for all the happenings. Finally, in the end, hero is capable to take the end of the villain’s story.

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