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Sweet Violet Beauty: Salon in Dubai


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Sweet Violet Beauty is a Salon for women, located in Dubai. This delivers home-based facilities in Dubai for the well-being of your existing room. They provided many services to their clients, like massages, manicures, pedicures, hair treatments, and beauty treatments. And they are very experts in Massage service, it is organic, and you will enjoy their facial expressions. They also offer a deep cleansing facial tailored to your skin type to make your skin refreshed. Because they have a specialist Massage, which helps you to feel relaxed, this Massage reduced your stress, and you will feel very easy.  For Nail and Waxing Treatments, this Salon also provide services in Dubai for women. For getting an appointment they have a website, which they provide on the Internet, easily someone can get an appointment. All staff therapists are TESDA certified.

Company details:

Sweet Violet Beauty company is located in the United Arab Emirates, its staff is very skillful and professional. This is the home services, this company is verified and the company profile is confirmed by the company representative person or director of administration. They also provide their company details, the Salon LLC’s phone number is: (0569684858), and they have an official Website which is https://www.sweetvioletspa.ae. Sweet Violet Beauty Salon LLC’s company manager is Merlyn Alcontin, and these company headquarters are in Pullman Jumeirah Lakes Towers Hotel and Residence, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Cluster T, Off Sheikh Zayed Road, head-to-head to Damac Belongings Metro station, Dubai, UAE. This company also has some Related Companies like AJA International General Trading LLC and Stella Marina Massage Center. All these Companies are related to this salon LLC, they are working with him in Dubai, UAE.

Customers Reviews for this Service:

  • Elena Oz: I always used Sweet Violet Beauty at Home massage service, and it’s always great. Emily, who has already visited me twice, is an excellent masseuse for tired muscles, with the just right amount of pressure to take stiffness away. A relaxing Massage on her next visit nearly put me to sleep. Great work.
  • Ivana Nikodijevic: The Massage was amazing. Julie did my partner and Jenny did me. We were both very satisfied. I had many knots on my back and a lot of spasms but after the Massage, I felt an immediate change. Jenny has a strong hand and I enjoyed her massage.

Some Special Massage Therapy: –

  1. Swedish Massage Therapy: This is one of the best therapy of this company, this therapy is the modality that comes to mind when most people think about massage. This Therapy is the very best type of bodywork performed today, this technique is used for relaxing your entire body, they are very highly skillful and experts in this therapy, which make you happy and relaxed. With very long gliding strokes they will be rubbing your muscles in the direction of blood returning to the heart. You feel very relaxed by their caring hands help you relax and unwind.
  2. Kids Massage: This company also provides Massage services for your kids. Your kids will be getting many benefits from this Massage like relaxation, lower anxiety levels, and increased clarity, this massage for your kids also increases circulation. This Massage will improve immune function for your kids and also protects your kids from healing, so if your child falls and scrapes their knee, good circulation brings nutritional and metabolic factors to heal the wound faster and decreases the chance of scarring for your kids. Your kids will be healthy and feel relaxed after this Massage, all women are appreciated our work and they feel very satisfied after this Massage service, and they want our services again and again for their kids. The company Sweet Violet Beauty Salon LLC promotes wellness through its Massages.

What Clients Say After Massage:

After getting these services, they appreciated us, they feel relaxed and comfortable. And they also say that our services also reduce their stress. Our Services helped countless customers get rid of their bodily all chronic pain. Also, provide mental health and overcome all mental health issues with this massage at home. They also have the benefit that a servicer comes to their home. And providing them with massage or therapy for women. Our services provide them with some special Massage or therapy for them as well as for their kids. Some women want Nail and waxing treatments, some want for their skin treatments. And some women want Massage for their entire body to relax, and they like our work. And they want our again and again our services. Because this company has high skillfully and expert staff their Salon LLC.

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