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Sleepless nights of a maid spoiler: About Eva and Edward


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Sleepless Nights of a maid spoiler is a great story with struggles, love, and fights. You will surely enjoy this story. This article will provide you with enough information about this interesting story in detail. Many characters are involved in this exciting story.

I will try my best to give you information about this story. So, without further delay let’s get started with this action-filled story.

Sleepless Nights of a Maid spoiler: Summary

Sleepless nights of a maid spoiler is a good novel and the novel describes one special character whose name is Eva Massies. Eva Massies was a daughter of a wealthy father. But one day her father had to travel far from the kingdom and because of this Eva had to stay apart from her father.

The father’s journey was in critical condition because her father did not do as well as the people of his nation were expecting from him. He mishandled the finances of the empire and demolished a bunch of profits.

After that, people started to protest against his firing and as a result lost faith in him. He decided to live with the ending of his relationship with Lord.

Now, the finances of Eva’s father were not good. So, he decided to go to his close family members in order to get financial support from his family members. Later, Eva received the news about her father that her father and his team have died in an underwater accident.

Eva, an orphan girl had been rejected by everyone and even by her family members. Now, the condition of her life was in danger. She had to put effort to survive in this bad condition.

After that time, the official land of her father called Baron Biti adopted her. She underwent many difficulties while she was living there. She works there as a maid. She faced many mistreatments and humiliations.

She met with Edward, a handsome and charming boy.

Briefly about Royal Family | Sleepless Nights of a Maid spoiler

In this section, I will provide you with a brief background of the royal family.

  • The current emperor is sick and not well. Now, Edward is the Crown Prince and the first empress is his mother. Now, James is the second prince and the mother of James is the present empress.
  • For Edward to succeed to the throne he must gather the reputation and authority among the high council.
  • Edward facing serious health issues. To become a ruler he struggled in the back-breaking moments.
  • He won the support of the high council after he proved himself a great warrior and also won the heart of the people.
  • Edward has now become a hero in the public eye after winning many bloody wars and facing difficulties.
  • He is securing the position as the next empire.

About Baron House

  • Cecil is the female character in this novel. Cecil is a friend, mother, and maid for Eva. She likes Eva and did well in order to protect Eva.
  • Eva meets with Edward on her father’s official property. Edward is the man who was previously attracted to Eva because of her kindness.
  • He helps Eva in the novel against Todd and proved as a good man for Eva.
  • Todd is the older son of Baron.
  • When Edward has to leave then he ensures Eva that when she needs any help, she approaches Edward.
  • After leaving Edward, Todd injures the Baron and also attacks Eva. But Eva did well in order to protect her. She wins the battle against Todd.
  • After winning the battle, she believes that Todd has died and now she ran away from the Baron’s house as a fugitive.

As a Fugitive | Sleepless Nights of a Maid spoiler

  • When she escapes from the Baron’s house then she finds the merchant caravan and hides in a merchant caravan.
  • She meets with the Rex, the unlawful boy of a Duke. Edward finds out the Eva and protects her from any unexpected and bad situation.
  • Despite Edward’s lack of power, he remains like a never-ending person for the right of Eva.

Further Discussion about the Novel

  • Eva is appointed as a royal maid for the Empress and a man named Hayman offers this opportunity to Eva. Later on, Eva came to know that Hayman is the leader of a band of mercenaries and a skilled swordsman.
  • Count Holland assists Olivia allowing her to become the Crown Prince’s fiancée to the Empire. Edward was injured and didn’t give consent. Eva feels deceived after the announcement and she wrote a letter to Edward that they will not meet again in life.
  • Cecil passed away and Eva feels grief. Edward thinks of Eva and after reading her letter, he becomes very angry and prepares for the battle.

Ending: Sleepless Nights of a Maid spoiler

After their return of Edward from the battlefield, he greets other members and goes into his room of Eva. He enters the room of Eva and shows his love for Eva in order to tell her that he loves Eva. Edward forces Eva should be his maid. Olivia goes to Prince James by telling him that prevents Eva from being with Edward.

After facing many difficulties, Edward remains persistent that he wants to have Eva as a maid for him. He was doing all of this because he wants to show love and affection towards Eva.

As both faced many challenges, but as a result they lived together. They find a way to live together despite difficulties and hurdles from the side of people. They started to live with each other with love and pleasure.

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