PJ Trailer A US-Based Trailer Manufacturer – Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to the arresting universe of PJ Trailer, where history meets outcome in the domain of trailer fabricating! Tie yourselves in as we set out on an excursion through time and witness firsthand how this US-based organization has changed the business. From humble starting points to turning into an easily recognized name, the Trailer story is one loaded up with development, devotion, and an unfaltering obligation to quality.

Introduction to PJ Trailer

PJ Trailers was come into being in 1991 and determined to give American-made items that would endure. The organization has developed dramatically from that point forward and is presently one of the biggest trailer makers in the US. PJ industry makes different trailers, including utility, freight, flatbed, and gear trailers. They have a guarantee of quality and client support that is unrivaled in the business.

PJ Trailer has been an industry chief for more than 25 years. Their trailers are dependable with a guarantee of quality that is top-notch. They offer different models to browse, so you can track down the ideal one for your necessities.

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Overview of PJ Trailer

PJ Trailer was established in 1991 in Sumner, by Peter Thiesen. The organization began with only six representatives and a little plant yet immediately developed to become one of the main makers of utility trailers in the US.

Today, Trailers utilizes north of 400 individuals at its central command in Sumner and its two other assembling offices in Georgia and Oklahoma. The organization sells its trailers through an organization of north of 200 vendors the nation over.

PJ offers a large number of trailers for both individual and business use, including utility trailers, dump trailers, vehicle trailers, freight trailers, and that’s just the beginning. Whether you really want a trailer for your business or for your next setting-up camp excursion, Trailers takes care of you.

PJ Trailer is known for its obligation to client support. The organization offers a 5-year guarantee on its trailers, as well as free new parts for any harmed or flawed parts. PJ additionally offers all-day, everyday client assistance so you can continuously get the assistance you with requiring when you want it.

Types of Trailers Manufactured by PJ Trailer

PJ Trailers fabricates different trailers, including utility, freight, dump, and hardware trailers. Utility trailers are intend for universally useful pulling and are accessible in different sizes and styles. Freight trailers are encase trailers that are utilize for pulling bigger things like furnishings or cruisers.

Dump trailers have a water-power lift that permits them to be discharge rapidly and without any problem. Gear trailers are rock-solid trailers that are utilize for pulling huge bits of apparatus or hardware.

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Advantages of Purchasing a PJ Trailer

With regards to trailers, there is one maker that stands apart from the rest – PJ Trailers. These Trailers has been doing business beginning around 1991 and has become one of the main trailer makers in the US.

  1. Quality – All Trailers are form with great materials and craftsmanship, and that implies they will keep going into the indefinite future.
  2. Assortment – PJ offers a wide assortment of trailers to look over, so you can find the ideal one to meet your requirements.
  3. Customization – A significant number of PJ Trailers’ models can be redone to your particular requirements and inclinations, so you can have a genuinely remarkable trailer.
  4. Administration – PJ Trailers’ client support is first class, and they are dependably accessible to address any various forms of feedback you might have.
  5. Guarantee – All Trailers accompany a complete guarantee, so you can be positive about your buy.

Testimonials of Customers Who Have Purchased a PJ Trailer

PJ Trailer has been producing trailers for more than 25 years and has become one of the main trailer makers in the US. The organization delivers a wide assortment of trailers, including utility, scene, and hardware trailers.

“We’ve been utilizing our PJ utility trailer to pull our ATVs around for a really long time and it’s been perfect! The trailer is all around made and we’ve never disliked it. Client assistance has forever been brilliant at whatever point we’ve expected to contact PJ.” – John S., Colorado

“PJ trailers are the best quality trailers available! We’ve bought a few over the course of the years for our business. It have forever been dazzle with their craftsmanship. The client care is likewise top-notch…they’re continuously able to help us out when we want it.” – J&M Towing, Texas


PJ Trailers has been a key part of the trailer fabricating industry for more than thirty years. All through their long history, they have reliably pushed the limits of innovation. And advancement to assist with growing better trailers that address client issues. This obligation to quality and administration has assisted them with becoming perhaps of the best US-based trailer makers today. Whether you are searching for a practical arrangement or a very good quality item, PJ Trailers makes certain to have something that meets your requirements!

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