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Pixwox: The website for Instagram’s stories


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Pixwox is a platform that enables you to see photos and videos on Instagram without login into Instagram.

The popularity of Instagram is known as well as also other social media platforms where people share images and videos. Some social media platforms are very well-known among people including Instagram. People use Instagram as a source to share their favorite stories among people. Do you want to download the images and videos from Instagram? Then, this guide will assist you. This guide will tell about another option that gives you the ability to see images and videos on Instagram without login.

This article gives you awareness about an application that helps you in seeing photos and videos on Instagram and more.

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What is Pixwox?

Pixwox is the application that is a third-party application for ease of users to see photos and videos on Instagram. If you don’t want to login into Instagram and see the stories on Instagram then this application is for you! It gives the ability to the users to enjoy the stories without login into Instagram. Because it works as a third-party application that provides a way to watch stories without login into Instagram. Some other useful and captivating features of this platform enhance the engagement of users.

You can simply use and navigate it because of its user-pleasant interface for every age of people. A User-friendly interface leads to the usability of the application and increases the traffic of the users. As we know, people are using Instagram of almost every age from young to old ones. So, when users of different ages come to this wonderful application then they can use it simply. Users will also be able to download their desired images and videos with the help of the application from Instagram.

They have no need to login into Instagram for downloading or watching the stories. You can easily watch the story and download it through this third-party amazing application. After that users can repost the downloaded story or image. Users can download numerous files at the same time from this application. This multiple downloading feature saves the precious time of users. Use this website and enjoy your favorite stories.

You will also know about how to use this application later in this article.

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Several Advantages of Pixwox

These several advantages of Pixwox can enhance your interest to use this amazing application. This third-party website ensures provides a way to access the stories that are on Instagram and watch and download them.  So, there are some advantages of this platform:

  • Users can easily watch the stories, updates, and images of someone on Instagram without login/sign in. There is no requirement to login/sign in to Instagram.
  • It hides your visibility on Instagram when you watch or download the desired story from Instagram.
  • Once you have downloaded your desired story or images, then you will be able to repost them.
  • It also provides a secure way to watch and download stories or images.

One thing that should be noted is that don’t use this application for the wrong purpose because it is against moral values. Just watch and download the stories from Instagram only for public service messages, to spread knowledge, to entertain others, etc. If you use them for a wrong purpose then your stories or images can also be used for the wrong purpose.

Some drawbacks of Pixwox

As this wonderful application, Pixwox provides many features and it also has many benefits. But there are also some drawbacks to this application. The drawbacks that are going to be mentioned below can be overcome by focusing more.

  • This application is not much known among many people.
  • The rating of this application is low.
  • At times, this application is not able to find the required account from Instagram.

If the administration works with more focus then they overcome these drawbacks.

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How to use this application?

It’s very easy to use because it provides a user-friendly interface to the users. These are some basic steps to use this application.

  • Firstly, you need to copy the username of the account of a particular person on Instagram.
  • Then, open the Pixwox website and paste that copied link of the username in the search box. Press the search button. You can open Pixwox on your phone or laptop.
  • Pixwox will automatically load the stories of that username.
  • Once the loading is done, it will show the stories or images in front of you.
  • If you want to download them then there will be also an option to download them. Just press the download button on the website.

Keep in mind, sometimes the application is not able to search or load your desired images and videos of a specific username. To use Pixwox, you must have an internet connection.

Few suggestions before using the Pixwox

  • Don’t use this application for the wrong purpose such as to blackmail someone. Because if do this activity then it is an immoral act from your side.
  • Just watch and use the stories for entertainment, public service message, knowledgeable sayings, etc.
  • If you do all for the wrong purpose then your account can also be used by someone through this platform.

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Closing Thoughts

Pixwox is a third-party platform and you can enjoy your favorite stories and images. It enables the users to watch and download the stories or images automatically. It works quickly and loads the desired videos and images within a few seconds or minutes. Your phones or laptops must be connected to the internet. Use this application only for entertainment, public service message, spreading positive knowledge, etc.


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