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Misty Loman – Personal life and Diseases


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In the American state of Kentucky’s Bowling Green, Misty Loman was born in 1979. She is 45 years old and a Christian at the moment. After her mug pictures went viral online, this individual of American descent gained notoriety. She is a smart woman who completed her education at a local college in her hometown. Misty Loman also finished her graduate work at a reputable university. Gary Glass Jr, Misty Loman’s longtime partner, and she had two children together: Jacob and Corey.

A sheriff from Wisconsin named Adam Bieber tweeted a number of mug photographs in 2019, and they quickly went viral. Misty Loman, a meth addict who had been detained for drug usage, was seen in the photos. To deter others from consuming meth, the sheriff released the images online. Misty has since vanished from the public spotlight.

Misty Loman Present Life

Fortunately, before this occurred, someone was able to convince Mindy to think otherwise. Her family and children implored her to receive assistance. A long-term course of therapy for her condition was also approved by the judge in her case. Her inspiration stemmed from other people’s confidence in her. Misty Loman accepted Christ as her Savior and began therapy. Mindy Loman had been clean for 14 months as of October 15th, 2020. Mindy is positive and at peace, despite the fact that she continually battles her illnesses.

She no longer has a dread of passing away. She repaired her ties with her family and friends and is happy to have them back in her life after being sober for more than a year. The meth addiction of Misty Loman is arguably the most well-known addiction story in history. Her transformation from then to where she is today serves as an example for everyone battling addiction. One step at a time, anyone can complete it. Pictures of Misty Loman enjoying fun with her family may be found on her Facebook page. It appears like she is content at last.

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Personal Life

She stayed out of the spotlight after her photos went viral, but she subsequently addressed the suspicions that surrounded her look in the mugshot. She admitted that she had underlying medical conditions that have changed the way her physique looks. In addition to being traumatized and sad, Misty Loman had lost three of her children as infants. She persevered through, and in the Kentucky-based Sisters in Sobriety facility, she completed her lengthy therapy. Misty Loman is still alive and is reacting positively to the assertion. All she could think about when she was high was getting high till she passed away. She surrendered her life to Christ following a protracted fight with health concerns, and she has been clean since 2020.

Family and Friends

On the other side, once her mugshot went viral, Misty acquired some friends.Social media was used by some people to request that others stop sharing Misty Loman’s photo and respect her privacy and the challenges she is going through. Some even went on to describe Misty Loman’s illness, which includes bone cancer, lupus, and scleroderma, in an effort to spread awareness of it. Witnessing such occurrences renews trust in people. defending a fellow human being when others laugh at her due to her looks and lack of understanding of her story.

Social Media

Misty Loman began her Christian journey after receiving treatment, and she is now totally sober. She waited until she thought it was necessary to address the false information that circulated regarding the mugshots before making a public appearance. She later participated in an interview with Brandon Jerrett where she discussed engaging in various activities while sober. A Facebook user named Kathy Shoemaker also phoned her to talk about her trip, which she had previously shared with others.

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Misty Loman Disease

The actual reason behind Misty Loman’s look was revealed after her photos went viral. Misty Loman claimed that she had previously received diagnoses for autoimmune conditions such Scleroderma, Lupus, Panniculitis, and bone cancer.   There hasn’t been any information shared concerning her work life. However, she gained attention after one of the sheriffs’ mugshots of her went viral online. The photos mostly highlighted the danger of meth addiction. Because of her extreme addiction, the pictures show the remarkable change she suffered after using meth over the years.


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