Michelle Ghent Wiki, Biography and Career

Michelle Ghent, who is 45 years old. Ghent was born in 1977, however it is unclear when exactly that day or month exactly that occurred.  After divorcing the actor, she makes the decision to lead a contented private life.Michelle and Howard had a difficult divorce, but their love wasn’t all that horrible. They had children that will carry on their legacy throughout their time together. Terrence and Michelle Ghent have three children in all. While one is the son, there are two girls. The name of the male is Hunter Howard, while the names of the girls are Aubrey and Heaven.

When Ghent made an appearance in the television series Crash Test Mommy in 2004, she briefly joined the realm of film. She has been inactive in the theater for some time.Ghent is described as having a slim build and is around 60 kgs tall and thin. Dark brown hair and brown eyes describe Ghent. Her 33-25-34 vital signs further support this. The cause might be due to regular exercise and a balanced diet.

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Michelle Ghent Career

In 1996, production manager Michelle Ghent started her career at Jeffries Technologies. Before 2000, she stayed there. After that, she worked for several illustrious businesses, including Fallyne Collections, Go Film, Eric Beauchamp, MJZ, and Al Chemist Production Inc. She was the production coordinator for the World Hero, LLC from 2005 until 2008. After marrying Oscar-nominated American actor Terrance Howard, Michelle gained notoriety. In 2004, Ghent had a fleeting cameo in the television program Crash Test Mommy, which marked her entry into the film profession. Several reports claim that she is a graduate of a respected university.

Net Worth 

Michelle Ghent has not yet been recognized with any honors or nominations. Her net worth is also remains a secret. She hasn’t made her income or fortune public on any sites. Regarding her ex-husband, he has won several accolades over his protracted acting career. Among the honors he has received are the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards for the 2005 film hustle and flow and the Film Award for the film Crash. ‘Law and order’ and ‘Empire’ received the NAACP Image Award for outstanding support in 2011 and 2016. In a similar vein, he has received nominations for a variety of roles in many categories for his performance in several films.

Marriage Life

From 2008 through 2010, Terrence Howard and Michelle Ghent were romantically involved. In 2010, the pair decided to be married to strengthen their relationship and commitment to one another. However, their arguments quickly caused their relationship to become strained. Even though Michelle and Howard had a terrible divorce, their marriage wasn’t all that bad. There are three kids altogether for Terrence and Michelle. Hunter Howard is the name of the male, while Aubrey and Heaven are the names of the girls.

Michelle Ghent initiated the divorce procedure in February 2011. After he made audio recordings public, Ghent’s original lawsuit against her ex-husband in 2015 was dropped. The audio recording shows Ghent discussing Howard’s personal information and threatening him with violence. The matter was finally completed in 2013 when Howard was ordered to pay his ex-wife Michelle Ghent almost $1.3 million.

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Court Case

Initially, Howard accepted the settlement agreement’s provisions. Howard, though, most recently asked a California court to nullify the deal. The Howard and his counsel provided the court with proof that he was forced into signing the marriage settlement agreement during a four-day hearing on the subject. Howard specifically said that he only consented to the conditions of the agreement because Michelle Ghent threatened to publicly expose embarrassing films of Howard and perhaps damaging information about his sex life, pressuring Howard into signing the deal.

Judge Thomas Trent Lewis found after hearing the evidence that Howard did not willingly sign the agreement but rather did so under duress. The agreement was thrown aside and declared invalid by the court since it was determined that it was signed under duress. Howard and Ghent must either negotiate to a new agreement resolving the concerns of property distribution and spousal maintenance, or approach the court to resolve these matters, as the agreement has been declared invalid. Even though Michelle and Howard had a terrible divorce, their marriage wasn’t all that bad. There are three kids altogether for Terrence and Michelle.

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