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Math Games 72: An Entire Year of Mathematical Joy


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As a teacher, you comprehend the significance of keeping understudies connected with and amped up for learning. Math, specifically, is a subject that numerous understudies battle with or view as exhausting. Nonetheless, math doesn’t need to dreary or baffle. Math Games 72 provides you with an entire year’s worth of fun, interactive math games and activities to incorporate into your classroom.

Using games is an ideal way to make math meaningful and help students develop a growth mindset. The games in this resource cover a wide range of math topics, from basic skills to more advanced concepts. They are designed to be highly engaging for students in grades 3 through 8. With regular use of these math games, your students will build a solid foundation in mathematics and come to view the subject as challenging and rewarding. Math Games 72 gives you an easy, hands-on solution to motivate your students and promote a love of math that will last far beyond the school year.

An Introduction to Math Games 72

Math Games 72 provides an entire year’s worth of engaging mathematical activities suitable for students in grades 6 through 8. This comprehensive collection of 72 math games covers a wide range of middle school math topics to bolster understanding and fluency through strategic and logic-based play.

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An Introduction to Math Games 72

Math Games 72 includes six sets of 12 games each, with each set focusing on a different mathematical strand: Number and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, Data Analysis and Probability, and Problem Solving. The games within each set are sequenced to align with the typical progression of skills and concepts in the middle school math curriculum. Educators and parents can follow the suggested sequence or pick and choose games based on students’ needs and interests.

Some examples of the types of games included are:

  1. Equivalent Fraction Dominoes – Match equivalent fraction dominoes in this engaging game that reinforces fraction skills.
  2. Solve & Stamp – Solve math problems on bingo-style cards and stamp the answers in this fast-paced game that builds fluency with operations.
  3. Polygon Capture – Identify, describe, and capture different types of polygons in this geometry game that helps students classify polygons based on their properties.

With one game per week, Math Games 72 provides an entire year of mathematical joy. The games are designed to be highly engaging while strengthening essential middle school math skills through strategic thinking and logic-based reasoning. Monitoring student progress and providing guidance and encouragement along the way will help maximize the benefits of this comprehensive collection of math games.

Our Favorite Picks from the Math Games 72 Collections

The Math Games 72 collection offers a year’s worth of mathematical enjoyment for students and teachers alike. Below are some of our top recommendations from this expansive set of resources.

Prime Factorization Trees

A prime factorization tree is a visual representation of a number break down into its prime factors. Students will practice factoring larger numbers into primes by creating these useful diagrams. This hands-on activity helps build a stronger understanding of factors and multiples.

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A tessellation is a repeating pattern of shapes that fit together without gaps or overlaps. Tessellations teach students about geometry, symmetry, and spatial reasoning in an engaging way. Students can create their own tessellations using regular and irregular polygons, analyzing the properties and relationships between the shapes.

Probability Simulations

Simulations are a powerful way for students to explore probability concepts like theoretical vs. experimental probability, the law of large numbers, and expected value. Using dice, spinners, coins, and other random generators, students conduct experiments and compare the results to mathematical expectations. These activities provide an intuitive sense of probability in action.

With interactive games, puzzles, art projects, and real-world applications, the Math Games 72 collection offers entertaining enrichment for an entire academic year. Engaging multiple senses and learning styles, these math resources are sure to capture students’ curiosity and inspire a lifelong love of mathematics.

Math Games 72: Frequently Asked Questions

Math Games 72 is a comprehensive collection of mathematical brain teasers, puzzles, and challenges to engage students throughout the year. Here are some common questions about the program:

What ages or grades is Math Games 72 suitable for?

The activities in Math Games 72 are tailor for students in grades 6 through 12. The challenges progress in difficulty over the course of the year, beginning at an 8th grade level and advancing to 12th grade. With guidance, students in advanced 5th grade math classes may also benefit from the program.

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How are the games organized?

The 72 games are sorte into 12 monthly installments of 6 games each. The games for each month center on a particular math topic or concept, such as geometry, probability, algebra, or number theory. Each game includes an explanation of the relevant math principles, step-by-step instructions, and solutions.

Do the games align with math standards?

Yes, the Math Games 72 program is closely aligne with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics as well as standards for grades 6 through 12 set by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The games provide opportunities for students to apply critical thinking skills and make connections across mathematical topics.

How can the games be implemented in the classroom?

Math Games 72 is designe to be flexible for classroom use. Teachers can implement the full program over the course of the year, focus on a particular monthly installment, or pick and choose individual games à la carte. The games work well as warm-ups, enrichment activities, homework assignments, or full length lessons. An answer key is provided for teachers.

With an engaging variety of puzzles and real-world applications. Math Games 72 aims to inspire students to see math as an enjoyable challenge rather than a chore. Please contact us with any additional questions!


As you have seen, Math Games 72 provides a full year of stimulating. Mathematical activities to keep young minds engaged and growing with puzzles, games, worksheets, and interactive apps spanning numerous areas of math. Also, Students can strengthen skills and understanding in an enjoyable, hands-on way. Whether used in the classroom or at home. Math Games 72 delivers a comprehensive set of resources to build mathematical confidence. And promote a lifelong love of learning in children. Also, Keep the joy of discovery alive all year round with Math Games 72. With 365 activities, one for each day of the year, math will never be boring again.

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