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Lepene: Surnames and Family History


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Surnames are used to make types of different groups of people and on the basis of surnames, people have been divided into different and multiple groups. People are recognized by surnames that they belong which culture, language, religion, and area. Through modern surnames, people can find people who live in different areas. But here is the discussion about the Lepene surnames and their families. So stay with us throughout the article in order to get the information.

From where Lepene family was found?

Lepene’s surname was found between 1880 and 1920. The Lepene surname of a family was found in the Canada and USA. A large number of Lepene families was founded in Canada in 1911. In 1880, the first Lepene family was founded in New Hampshire when the Lepene family was living its life. Besides New Hampshire, there was one other state that had a large amount of population of Lepene in 1880. By the usage of census records, one can easily find the number of people with specific surnames. So, if any person wants to know the population of Lepene families then he/she should have census records and also a voter list. Through census records, people can easily find the number of members, occupations, ages, residences, and birthplaces.

What was the work of the Lepene family to earn?

The ancestors of the Lepene family who were in 1939 did work in the Bakery as per reported. They used to work in the Bakery as a Shop Assistant. This job was a top-reported job in 1939. Most of the people used to do as a Shop Assistant in the Bakery.

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Lepene’s Family Records

In this section of the article, there are three points to tell about the Lepene Family Records.

  • According to the source, there are 348 census records for the Lepene surname. By using census records, people can find that where they used to live and from where did they belong, how much they were qualified, and what type of skills they had.
  • According to the source, there are 27 immigration records for the Lepene surname. Through passenger lists, one can find the number of people who arrived in the USA. Immigration records tell how they traveled to the destination and which transport they used.
  • According to the source, there are 91 military records for the Lepene surname. These military records provide information about the experts/veterans of the Lepene Family that where they served being a veteran.

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Lepene Family’s Religion

The highest population of the Lepenes Family is found in the United States of America. Also, the religion of Lepene is Catholic Christianity. There is no other country that has a larger amount of Lepene Families than the United States of America. Also, the population in the United States changed as time passed. The population rose 4300 percent from 1880 to 2014.

An experienced person with the Lepene’s surname

A personality with the Lepene surname is Benjamin Lepene who is a director of R&D in Ceres Nanosciences. He spent 14 years and 5 months in Ceres Nanosciences. Also, He is serving as a COO / Director of R&D from July 2015 to the Present and as Director of R&D from Mar 2012 to the Present. Also, he was also a Senior Research Scientist from Mar 2009 to Mar 2012.

On their social media platform, he also tells the world that “I am involved in all aspects of the product development cycle including tech transfer, polymer synthesis, and particle production, application feasibility studies, sample collection product development, business development, IP portfolio management, and project management related to federal, internal and industry-funded efforts.”

He also spent almost 7 years at Virginia Tech. Also, he did Biomedical sciences, Biotechnology, and Nanotechnology at Virginia Tech from 2004 to 2008. Before this, he also got an education in Material Sciences and Engineering from 1997 to 2001.

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