LEONET: The Internet Service

In this modern era, internet service is one of the needs of the people. Almost, every work is being done by the use of the internet. But the question is that what is LEONET? So, if you want to know about LEONET and its use then you are at the right place. Because in this article, you will know about LEONET in detail.

If you haven’t heard about LEONET then this article can be helpful for you. So, just scroll down in order to know about LEONET.

What is LEONET?

LEONET is the internet service which is an optional internet service and it is available for LeoPalace 21 tenants. There are some services that LEONET provides to the users such as internet connection, video streaming, and other services, etc.

The advantage of LEONET is that if you are not a subscriber of LEONET’s optional services then don’t worry because you can still pre-purchase the LEONET in order to use the service of LEONET that is available for you. This can encourage you to use the internet service!

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Let’s talk about the connection speed of the internet service of LEONET

The connection speed of the internet service of LEONET in apartment buildings is affected due to several aspects. There are some factors that affect the internet connection speed such as large traffic on the server when the connection is being shared in buildings, at the time of maximum usage any internet connection speed decreases, etc.

The LEONET service tries its best to provide a good speed to the users and it follows the “Best-Effort” business model. That’s why the minimum connection speed is indeterminate.

Even though, if you are facing some problems with the internet service of LEONET and your connection is lost normally with the server then make ready your information such as LEONET id and your address, then contact LEONET through the ways they have provided you.


The Internet Service Provider of LEONET will be LeoPalace 21. I think this is good enough to use the internet service.

Users can also connect to the internet of LEONET without using the LifeStick.

Some important points to remember

There are several points you need to keep in mind if you want to start a contract. (To use the internet, you need to make a contract with optional plans).

  • The Light Plane of LEONET can only be used by paying the rent of the apartment. You have to make the contract at the LeoPalace Center Branch.
  • You cannot redo the contract if have canceled it and you can’t create a new internet contract if the room contract has been started.
  • The tenant is not able to start or cancel the contract by himself for corporate contracts. The whole procedure must be made by someone who is responsible for the contract in the company.

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LAN Cable

If you want to use a cable connection then you can also use the LAN cable that will be installed on your room’s wall and what you have to do to plug it, you just have to plug it into the Ethernet socket of your device.

There are some properties to have LAN cable from the socket, instead of LAN cable directly coming from the wall.

  • Very often LAN cable is already connected to the AC Adapter of the LifeStick.
  • Just unplug the LAN cable from the AC Adapter and now connect it to your device.

LAN cable can be proven the best cable to use the internet service.

To conclude the LEONET

In order to conclude LEONET, I would say that users can use the internet service of LEONET from their apartment buildings but they may face some genuine issues. These issues can easily happen in any internet service connection with the server. The more traffic on the server, the lesser the internet speed. To use internet service with optional plans, we can use the LEONET.

There are some benefits as well as some restrictions for users. Once the contract is started then you can’t create a new contract and if have canceled the contract then you are not able to redo the contract again. So, if you want to use LEONET then remember its restrictions.

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