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Kissmanga: Best Anime Community in this World


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Kissmanga is popular in the anime community all over the world. This is the best site for various manga series in great manga print quality. These particular Websites contain a collection of graphic novels known as ‘manga’ which are comics and part of Japanese art. The platform’s layout is quite similar to that of the Manga stream. From all over the globe this site has gotten many positive reviews and the very best features when it comes to manga reading. You could search for your favorite show very easily with its auto-completion and filter search feature and with these features you didn’t have to put the whole name in the search bar. If you put two or three letters the website automatically guessed the title of the manga series.

Main Features:

  • High definition and load smoothly
  • Get the latest manga list
  • Remember the history of the story
  • Search stories by name, author, genre
  • Automatically mark chapter history being tracked
  • Change viewer reading and direction “Right to Left and Left to Right”
  • Chapter update every day
  • Specialized classes and position tilt on Kiss Manga
  • Using the volume key for paging

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Kissmanga has many versions some are old and also have the latest version:

  1. Kiss Manga ( 2,  1.3,  1.4,  1.5 ) These all are the old versions of Kissmanga.
  2. Kiss Manga ( 6  )  that’s the Latest version of Kissmanga.

How can we Entrance?

This is very simple and fast, you have a device that enables internet connectivity like a laptop or a Mobile phone, then click on the browser and type Kissmanga on the search bar. On the homepage page, there are many webtoons, also there is a search bar at the top of the page. If you want to study comics for free, click on the comic for your choices.

What’s happened with the Kissmanga shutdown:

This site was shut down on 14 August 2020 after about 8 years, and this site was registered in 2012, and it has been suggested this was done due to copyright complaints as well as the threat of the new, stricter Japanese laws on online piracy. And this site was targeted by the American Company Funimation. Firstly, the site was blocked in Australia as well as after sometimes also in India, saying that it was violating copyrights. recent times, its readers face this site shut down along with its anime streaming site Kissanime. It is a very big loss for any anime and manga fans.

This site was going to 80% anime and manga geeks for needs and it also covered every genre and had many awesome streaming features. After the news of the site being shut down go out it instantly mobilized the entire anime and manga community and everyone shared how much this is important for them through Facebook and other social media networks. There are many reasons why these sites shut down. It’s all search engines have been changed and they allow only legal paid content. In my opinion, I think I cannot facilitate much more people for free that’s why it shut down. Now many sites are changing their policies and they are now charging users for their content. There is a silver lining there because if that’s the case then it might be possible that Kissmanga will be back to its users but with some price.

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Best Alternative Sites Like Kissanime:

  • Crunchyroll: This place is like Kissanime and is famous for providing watchers newest chapters of their belove anime expressions as recklessly as an hour after an age later it has been release in Japan, and this is also responsible for spreading Japanese anime culture in the world and it has become very popular.

Some others are also Updated to the social media Era likes:

  • 9anime
  • Aniwatcher
  • Netflix
  • Animedao
  • Manganelo
  • Animekarma
  • Animepahe
  • Animeplanet
  • Gogoanime

How to open Kissmanga Website in today’s world:

Yes, now we can access this site easily, this site is not down right now, and we have access to it. If you cannot stream the site from any device so use a VPN. Some are, NordVPN, VPNArea, PrivateVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhostVPN. But I recommend you that not use the VPN because it was illegal, and it also harms your personal information and also your account, but if you want to access then you use only these VPNs for your device. But in case still, your Kissmanga is not working for you, then you can use its best alternative sites listed on the page. These Websites are similar in that they deliver nearly alike facilities. These sites also have some Apps for Android for free manga and Manhua with Chromecast compatibility. This app also converts Manga into English languages, with no Advertisement, increased Streaming speed, daily updates of manga series, etc.

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