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Kimberly Herring Obituary: A brief biography of Kimberly Herring


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Are you here to know Kimberly? If yes, you are at the right place because through this article you will explore more about Kimberly Herring Obituary. So, stay tuned with us to get knowledge about Kimberly Herring Obituary. Kimberly died on 10 September 2022. Kimberly’s death made everyone sad the family and friends too and the graveyard service was held on 14 Sep 2022 at Wayne Memorial Park.

Kimberly Herring Obituary

This is a brief biography of Kimberly Herring and that’s why we can say it is Kimberly Herring Obituary. Kimberly Herring Obituary was to tell the people about Kimberly’s death and the date of final traditional services. The article “Kimberly Herring Obituary” contains brief detail about Kimberly’s death news as well as about her relationships.

Kimberly Herring was a loving woman who was born on 29 Sep 1979 in Goldsboro and left her family sad she died on 10 Sep 2022. When Kimberly was born her father John Zabriskie died but her mother was a surviving woman named Shirley Erap Zabriskie. Kimberly was an affectionate wife of Mark Cannon Herring as well as she was also a mother of her daughter Sierra Colleen Herring. Kimberly was a loving granddaughter of paternal grandparents John Jack Zabriskie and wife Margaret Pierce Zabriskie. She was a loving granddaughter of maternal grandparents Bishop James C. Erap and his wife Robby Rogers Erap.

Kimberly was survived by her brother named John Michael Zabriskie and boyfriend of Sierra is Jacob Napier, her ants Berry Rook and Judy Beavers, her uncle Jimmy Erap. As Kimberly was living in a lovely and caring family and she was also survived by her nephews Chase Zabriskie and Joshua Zabriskie and niece Ashley Hudson, and some great nieces Makayla, Lakelyn, Zaylie, Emmaline, and many warm and caring cousins.

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Education of Kimberly Herring

Kimberly did her degree of graduation from East Carolina University. She used to like teaching and felt proud of students when they succeed. She was appointed as an employee at Wayne County Public Schools for 23 years. Kimberly was a tutor and taught students of eighth grade at Spring Creek Middle School and also served as a coach for volleyball for 17 years. Kimberly was respected by the people to be elected as a coach of volleyball for two years for Wayne County.

She was also a good teacher to her students. She was a quality teacher for her students and would help the student who struggles in his/her studies. Kimberly was one of the best teachers among her students because of her devotion to studying and helping the students as well. Kimberly also made friends in her career with administration members and with other teachers because of her nature.

Kimberly’s loving daughter

Kimberly loved her daughter Sierra and her daughter also supported her mother (Kimberly) in ups and downs. Sierra used to encourage her mother to never give up and try her best to achieve her goal in life. Sierra was a supportive daughter of Kimberly Herring and she also proved that she is actually a supportive daughter.

Event and Service for Kimberly Herring Obituary

This section of the article is to discuss Kimberly Herring Obituary after her death.

Kimberly will be missed by her family as well as by friends for a longer time because of her attractive and loving attitude to people and students. So, family members of Kimberly and also friends went to the family on 13 September 2022. They perform services in the front foyer of the First Pentecostal Holiness Church in Goldsboro between 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. A favored service was held at 7:00 pm to celebrate the wonderful and famous life of Kimberly among her friends and family.

The burial of Kimberly was done in the presence of her family and friends on 14 September 2022 on Wednesday at the Wayne Memorial Park. You can give online sympathies to her family from the website. She was literary a careful woman for her house as well as for her students.

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Visitation for Service of Kimberly Herring Announcement

The reaching time of Friends of Kimberly at The First Pentecostal Church Goldsboro was from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The day for visitation and to celebrate the life of Kimberly was 13 Sep 2022 on Tuesday. This was held to tell about Kimberly Herring Obituary.

Start of Event

The event for celebration was held from 7:00 to 8:00 pm at The First Pentecostal Church Goldsboro on 13 Sep 2022.

Graveyard or Final Service

Graveyard service was held at Wayne Memorial Park 2925 U.S. Hwy 117 South Dudley, NC 28333. It was done on 14 Sep 2022 Wednesday and the time was from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM.

This is all about Kimberly Herring Obituary from her birth date to the final death service. Kimberly’s relations with family, friends, and students.

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