About Tony Siragusa’s Kathy Giacalone

Kathy Giacalone is the wife of her late famous husband named Tony Siragusa and they live in New Jersey, United States. Tony Siragusa was an American player of football and that’s why people know him. Kathy is the mother of three children, two daughters, and one son. As Tony was a popular personality and people know Kathy Giacalone because of her husband.

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Marriage life and children of Kathy Giacalone and Tony Siragusa

Kathy Giacalone and Tony Siragusa were in relation with each other before marriage and then they decided to get hitched on 22 April 1995. They spent beautiful days of their life with each other and enjoyed after being married. After some time, Kathy became the mother of her first girl child named Samantha Rose Siragusa on 17 Jan 1997. When they received their first baby child they were happy and their marriage relations became strong with each other.

Then just after two years, Kathy became the mother of her second child and he was a boy at this time named Anthony Siragusa in 1999. Now they have become four members of the family and living their life with love and care. Kathy really loved the late Tony Siragusa and he also loved her. Actually, children become the reason for their parent’s strong relations.

Kathy became the mother of her third and youngest girl child named Ava Siragusa in 2001. From 2001 to now, Kathy has three children and living their lives in a family but now Tony has left them in this world as he died on 22 June 2022.

People know Kathy, Tony, and their children as they used to share pictures on social media with their children and also without children. Tony was a good husband as well as a nice father. Now, all three children are young.

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Education of the children of Kathy Giacalone

The youngest child Ava Siragusa took admission to the Morristown Beard School and now she is studying at Southeastern Louisiana University. Anthony Siragusa has done his graduation from Villanova University. As far as Samantha’s education is concerned, so I couldn’t get proper information about her education. But probably, Samantha will also be an educated girl because of her educated siblings.

Age of Kathy, Tony, and their children

The age of Kathy Giacalone is not known but her husband Tony Siragusa was 55 years old when he died. Samantha Rose Siragusa is 25 years old, Anthony is 23 years and the youngest girl child Ava Siragusa is 21 years old.

About Tony Siragusa (the husband of Kathy Giacalone)

Tony Siragusa was born in 1967 and his parents’ names are Peter A. Siragusa and Rosemarie Siragusa. He attended many events and interviews because he was famous among the people being an American player of football. Tony also told the world that how his father died during an interview. He also unveiled the reason for his father’s death. He told that his father died due to a heart attack when his father was 48 years old.

The net worth of Tony Siragusa was 6 million dollars and used to earn 500 thousand each year.

Kathy Giacalone’s loving and caring husband died on 22 June 2022 in New Jersey, United States. Kathy used to love very much with his husband and they often attended various events. As Tony Siragusa was an American player of football so the news of his death was spread around the family and friends. As he was a life partner of Kathy so she will remember him.

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Active on Social Media

Kathy Giacalone and his late husband used to be active on social media and their children are also active on social media platforms to tell the world about their current events. Many people know about them through social media platforms. They often share their pictures through Instagram.

To Conclude

In order to conclude the article, I would like to say that Kathy and her husband used to live with each other with love, care, and happiness. Being an American player of football, Kathy’s husband Tony Siragusa attended many interviews, and due to his popularity his wife and children came into the limelight. Kathy is a loving lady and loved her husband very much.

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