Javaughn J. Porter: a kid celebrity and famous musician’s son


Javaughn J. Porter is a celebrity kid and he gets fame in the celebrity world from his father. He is 6 years old and he is the son of the American Hip-Hop star, Blueface. So Blueface is famous for his Thotiana hit song with Cardi B. And Javaughn J. Porter was born in the USA, Los Angeles, CA, on 28 April 2017 and his nationality is American. So his father’s name is Jonathan Michael Porter famous for Blueface and his mother’s name is Jaidyn Alexis. Javaughn J. Porter’s mother is a skincare and beauty expert by profession. And his Zodiac Sign is Taurus and ethnicity is white and his grandmother’s name is Karlissa Saffold. So Javaughn J. Porter’s weight is 40 pounds and his height is 40 inches. And Blueface put out a song Noble Deadlocs for his son and tattooed his son’s name on his right forearm.

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Biography of Javaughn J. Porter:

Javaughn J. Porter is a popular kid and he is too young on Instagram and other social media platforms. But his fame is from his father Blueface, who is a Hip-Hop star. And Blueface preserves a lively Instagram outline name @bluefacerap, and Jaidyn’s account name is @jaidynalexxis. So Javaughn J. Porter posts his pictures on the official Instagram account of his parents. And Javaughn J. Porter has one sibling and he and her sister happily lives with his parents. So Jaidyn born her second child on 6th August and they named her Alexis Porter. But some points are likely that he will have stepbrothers and sisters. So Javaughn J. Porter also has a beautiful aunt whose name is Kali Miller. And she is the older sister of Blueface and an uncle Andre L. Harvey sent him to jail after killing someone accidentally.

Enjoying Relationship with their Parents:

Javaughn J. Porter is one celebrity who enjoys great love and affection from both parents. So his father is an American musician and he is busy but he spends some time with his child. And when Porter was born, his father becomes a dotting dad. So after some time, his father releases a song in the love of his child whose name is Deadlocs. And he makes a tattoo of his name on his forearm for showing his love for his son. Blueface tells in an interview how he was opportune to spend some time with his son when Mama was busy. Because sometimes Javaughn J. Porter’s Mom is busy at work for long hours then his father spends time with him. And Jonathan says that he has brought about a close bond between them. So his mother is also very close to the boy.

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Appreciation and Success of Javaughn J. Porter:

Javaughn J. Porter has originated significant success at a very little age in the entertainment industry. And Javaughn J. Porter is making a name for himself in the celebrity world and getting fame. So Javaughn J. Porter features in many screens and prints Ads, magazines, and photo shoots. Also, he claims an imposing demonstrating selection that features different brands of clothing. And that such as Baby Phat x Russel Simmons and Butter Super Soft. So the promising star also seems in movies like Welcome to Gizmo City as well as music videos. And he seems in music such as Blueface’s Bust Down Bless Up video. He also seems in Talk shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, gathering credit from people around the world. With the support of his parents and fans, he is sure that he will be more successful in the future.

The present life of Javaughn J. Porter:

He spends his life with his parents and says that he living his best life and doing what he loves. So he says that he is doing working on his music for the last year and it’s going great. And Javaughn J. Porter also studying at school about business and sports management. So this retains him very tired in the studio. And he also likes to suspend out with friends and family when he can. He feels like he wants to stay related to the people that substance the most to him. And he also likes to play athletics like basketball and soccer and go to the gym. So this helps him to keep active, fit, and healthy. And he is already grown up into a young man in his own right. He still loves spending time with his parents and they attend events together.


So as the son of two celebrities, Javaughn J. Porter is used to the attention. But even this 4-year-old has become popular with his parent’s latest music video. So in the song video Thotiana, Blueface and Alexis share the screen with their son. And Javaughn J. Porter is the brilliant of the show. So he bops on down to the music, showing off some serious dance moves of this little kid. And the internet cannot get enough for Javaughn J. Porter. So Javaughn J. Porter enjoying all the attention and is happy to make his parents proud. And he will be the star of the future in the celebrity world.

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