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Hast-o-Neest is an educational trust which has the vision to provide good knowledge of the art, language, traditional view, history, and culture of Pakistan. This educational trust is located in Lahore Pakistan. Basically, it is a private institution and this institution is not a supporter of any party that’s why it is non-partisan.

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What is Hast-o-Neest?

Hast-o-Neest is a private institution that has aim to provide awareness of history, culture, traditional view, language, and art. There is a broad of Trustees who support the Hast-o-Neest and that’s why this is a private institution. It is managed voluntarily and with the help of Trustees, they audit the accounts annually. Volunteers work with dedication in order to spread the knowledge of culture, art, language, history, and traditional view.

Maulana Rumi was one of the famous Islamic scholars and his couplet is the metaphysical principle of Islam that all creation reflecting being truth “Haq”.

Hast-o-Neest institution was named the Hast-o-Neest by the inspiration of Maulana Rumi’s couplet.

There is an Ayah/Verse in the Quran:

“Have they not ever considered in their minds that ALLAH did not create the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them except with (a system of) of truth and appointed period(of duration)…”

(Surah Ar-Room Verse 8)

The result of this Verse from the Quran is that nothing in this universe including the heavens, earth, and whatever is in between them is created with the truth. It means that there is a purpose behind these creations.

If we talk about art that we see on the walls or doors of something old, demonstrates the meaning of any purpose, message, or vision. So tradition is the act that people hold for a long time in any society or group of people.

Furthermore, Tradition is the knowledge or practice that is according to the Divine Revelation which is taught from the same Divine Source.

So, this institution provides a good awareness or understanding also about the traditional view.

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What was Baytunur?

At the beginning of this practice, there were guest lectures as well as Arabic classes in 2005. In 2006, Baytunur was formally registered as a trust with the late Mufti Ghulam Sarwar Qadri. This trust grew with the support of Former-director Suheyl Umar of Iqbal Academy and different scholars as well as academics and set different seminars and discussion gatherings. These discussion gatherings consisted of traditional discussions, religious discussions, and other current time discussion. There were some particular topics that were discussed such as “Islam Seminars”, “The Religion and Culture Debate”, “The Art of Islam”, and “Science of Islam Seminars”. All these activities and different stages of Baytunur happened between 2006 to 2009.

When Hast-o-Neest was established?

Hast-o-Neest Centre was particularly established for traditional art and culture in 2010. Hast-o-Neest Center is housed in a pleasing culture building on the mall. The person named Isphanyar Bhandara was very helpful. This Centre got respect from people by providing a platform that discusses religious as well as intellectual traditions. The Centre got appreciation also from students of close by institutions such National College of Arts, Punjab University, and Government College University.

There was a need for an institution that pay attention to the creative, intellectual traditions in order to teach about traditions to other people. So, the Hast-o-Neest Foundation of Traditions and Arts was established and replaced the previous Centre in 2015.

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Vision of Hast-o-Neest

The vision of Hast-o-Neest is very clear in front of the world. Their vision is to teach people about traditions with the help of hard-working teachers in this field. Teachers will have good traditional knowledge and they transfer it to the people as well as to the students. The group of Hast-o-Neest consults with the teachers in order to make the traditional course.

They make the course within their discipline boundary and try to provide helpful knowledge to the people regarding intellectual and artistic traditions. These traditions can be forgotten in this modern era. So, they try their best to collect information and transfer it clearly.

Trustees of Hast-o-Neest

This Education trust is a private trust and it is run by a board of Trustees who support this institution. This board of Trustees supports the institution and its different activities. This is registered with Data Ganj Bakhash Town Office which is located at Lahore. The trust manages an account at the National Bank of Pakistan. The accounts are annually audited and external auditors do this audit.

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