Indigo Barreto Strong: Information about him and his family

Indigo Barreto Strong is the son of famous parents. The name of his father is Rider King Strong who is an actor, screenwriter, director, and producer. Indigo Barreto Strong was born on 28 Dec 2014 in Los Angeles and his mother is Alexandra Barreto. Indigo Barreto Strong came into the limelight because of his father who is a popular American actor.

Indigo Barreto Strong’s father is a popular American actor and one of the reasons behind his popularity is his roles in Shawn Hunter. He also acted in some movies such as “Too Late”, “Cabin Fever”, “Darkening Sky”, “The Penthouse”, and “Death Valley”.

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Personal Detail about Indigo Barreto Strong

In this section of the article, you will know more about him. The nickname of Indigo Barreto Strong is Indy. He was born on 28 December 2014. He is famous because of his father’s popularity and he has American nationality. The zodiac sign is Capricorn and Ethnicity is White. His father’s name is Rider King Strong and his mother’s name is Alexandra Barreto.

Information about his Family

As far as information is concerned about his family so Indigo Barreto Strong’s parents are both famous celebrities in the entertainment industry. Rider King Strong is the father of Indigo Barreto Strong and he is a well-known actor who has worked in many English movies. Rider King Strong is also a director, producer, screenwriter, and actor as well. Rider King Strong started his career when he was 9 years old and he took part in “Les Miserables”. In this, he was granted the character named “Gavroche”. In the TV series “Benefit of the Doubt”, he also played the regular role and became a son of Army Irving.

Indigo Barreto Strong’s mother (Alexandra Barreto) is also a famous lady because she is an actress. She started her career in 2006 with “Pepper Dennis” with Rider King Strong (her husband). She also acted in the horror movies such as “Tooth and Nail” and “After Dark Horrorfest”. She also acted in “The District”, “Cold Case”, “Twilight Zone”, “The Fosters, Mayans M.C”, “All American, and CSI: Immorality.

As Alexandra Barreto started her career in 2006 and she also met first time with the Rider King Strong in 2006. They worked together in a horror movie named “Tooth and Nail” in 2007. After performing in the first movie (Tooth and Nail) they got engaged on Dec 2012 and after that, they got married on Oct 2013.

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Indigo Barreto Strong’s life

He was born on 28 December 2014 and since his birthdate he is now 9 years old. People know him because of his famous parents and his parents try to keep his personal information and activities secret. People on social media don’t know so much about him. Indigo Barreto Strong’s grandfather was a firefighter and the grandmother was a teacher.

The personality of Indigo Barreto Strong

Indigo Barreto Strong is a handsome boy and he has an attractive personality. As he has white Ethnicity so he will be white in the skin. He is a normal boy like others and he has a common height.


To summarize the article on Indigo Barreto Strong, it is said that he is a child and is now 9 years old. He has a likable personality and he is famous for his parents. His parents are both famous in the entertainment industry. Indigo Barreto Strong’s father is a well-known personality in the world and people also know about his mother. His parents did not share his personal information in detail.

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