How Cleive Ester Adams become famous?

Who is Cleive Ester Adams??

Cleive Ester is the father of Sonya Curry. Also known as the grandfather of Stephen Curry.  Moreover, Stephen is a champion of the NBA ( National Basketball Association ). Cleive is also, famous because of the father of Sonya Curry who is the famous American Educator. There are so many people who become famous due to their talent and creativity and some people become famous due to the parents of talented kids. Moreover, Cleive is one of the people. He becomes famous due to his children. And now he is famous as the father of Sonya Curry and the grandfather of Stephen curry.

Where Cleive lives and who is his wife?

Cleive Ester is a citizen of the US. By his physical characteristics, he is an African American. His wife’s name is Candy Adams. She was born and grew up in Haiti that’s why she also, had the nationality of America. Her ethnic background was mix. When she married her name become Candy Adams before her name was Candy Wyms. Moreover, there is no information about their first meeting.

Cleive Ester keeps silent in his family matters to his personal life. For example, he does not know any information about his parent name and where they live. Moreover, he doesn’t know his date of birth this is the reason his birth date is not explain anywhere. However, Sonya was grown up with her siblings according to news.

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About Cleive Ester Adams’s children

Cleive Ester had three kids. One of them is Sonya Alicia Curry and the other two are, Cleive Adams Junior and India Adams. Cleive Adams Junior works in an American university as a football team coach.

His other child India Adams choose life away from the public attention. Also, she is successful in his career. She becomes famous due to her sister Sonya Adams Curry.

His most famous and successful child is Sonya Adams Curry. She is a popular American educator Also, she is the wife of retired Basketball player Dell Curry. Sonya also had three kids Stephen, Sydel, and Seth Curry.

Cleive grandson Stephen Curry

Clieve is the grandfather of three kids who are grown up by his daughter Sonya Curry. Stephen is his oldest grandson who is a professional Basketball player. Moreover, he is a team member of the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association ( NBA).

His other grandson Seth Curry is also, active in sports. He also is a professional Basketball player for the National Team of America. Moreover, basically, he play Basketball in his college with the Liberty flam after that he was transferred to Duke Blue Devils.

His last grandchild Sydel Alicia Curry. She is a volleyball player at a former college. She plays for a women’s volleyball team for the CAA conference.  Also, she has a degree in psychology.

Cleive does not come in front of the public this is why there is not much information about him. Moreover,  according to his daughter Sonya Curry Cleive struggle too much to fulfill his basic needs. He undergoes a poor financial status in his days.

Cleive Ester Adams doesn’t want to describe his private life to the public which is why there is not enough information about his life except his wife daughter and grandson’s successful life.

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