Gramhir: An analytical tool for Instagram profiles

Gramhir is a tool that enables users to inspect their competitors’ target audience and assist them further on Instagram.

In this modern era of social media, many people are using various platforms nowadays. Social media platforms include Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, Instagram, & some others are very popular. Everyone wants to get more audience and views for their videos or pictures. They use different types of analytics tools to enhance their audience and views. Gramhir is one of the good analytic tools and provides users with the best way to analyze the competitor’s audience. It has many benefits that make it more recommended and usable for users. It allows you to examine your audience’s interest and whether they are interested in your brand or not.

In order to know about this best analytics tool, just go through the article. Many aspects and information about this tool are described in this article.

What is Gramhir?

Gramhir is the best analytic tool that allows the user to view profiles on Instagram without being registered. It enables you to view the profiles without registration but you’ll not be able to breach the privacy of someone. It is also against moral values, so just analyze the audience of target competitors. You can also analyze your audience and in which brand they are interested. Before launching the brand or uploading the videos and photos, analyze the audience first.

It also provides you with a basic guide that in what time you should upload your videos or photos on Instagram. This is specially developed for Instagram and assists the users to analyze the competitor’s audience. If you want to perform as a marketing professional then it helps you to analyze the people’s interests and behavior. You can access it through a browser online and you will be to view profiles on Instagram through this assisting tool. It can also help to analyze marketing professionals. If you want to determine the potential customers or followers then Gramhir is a good choice!

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Advantages of Gramhir

There are some advantages of this best online tool for Instagram accounts. These benefits can help you to know more about Gramhir in depth so read all benefits as well as features.

•          Determine the competitors’ profile

Being a businessman, you have to get more customers then this platform is a good choice! Through the use of this platform, you will also be able to analyze the audience of your competitor. You can see the content as well as hashtags of your competitor without registration. This information can be helpful for you to enhance your audience and to know the interest of people.

•          See the feeds without an account

This tool enables you to see the content of different people without signing up with your account. On Instagram, you will need to create an account and follow different people and also engage with them. But when using Gramhir, you just need to enter the username of a specific person then you can see the content. After getting useful information, you can also enhance the audience by knowing the people’s interest and their behavior.

•          Know about the accounts that are public

You will know the followers, posts, and other things of the specific account without having your own account. It will be able you to know the followers and posts of those accounts that are public. By knowing the followers as well as posts you can examine the interest of the audience. People analyze the competitors’ accounts to do the right things such as to get an audience and to become popular in the market.

•          A time saver platform

This platform saves you time a lot if have multiple accounts and you have to keep track of them. You have no need to switch between your several accounts. Because it enables you to browse your several accounts from one location. So, this feature or benefit can save you a lot of time and provide easiness to the users.

•          Know more about your own account

It gives you information about your own personal account that where you should focus on your marketing strategies. Gramhir provides you with the necessary insights for your account and what type of your audience. It also provides you with information that which content is popular among people and which types of hashtags are used well. This information including the type of popular content and hashtags, also provides you with other necessary marketing information.

How you can use the Gramhir?

It is a very easy-to-use platform and users can effortlessly use this online analytic tool. You can use this wonderful online tool on a mobile phone or on a laptop as a desktop application. Just search the Gramhir through your browser and then install this application. Through its user-friendly interface, you can simply this online tool. Just you’ve to enter the username of the targeted user then this tool will automatically open the account of your targeted user. But those accounts are public on Instagram. After searching the account, you can see the photos and posts of the targeted user. To know additional information, just click on the “More Information” button. Then it will provide you with additional information about their posts. This can be all done without signing up on Instagram. There will be no need to create an account first to enter Instagram.


Gramhir is one of the best assisting tools for people who want to get more views on their posts. People who want to get more audience on Instagram. Through this powerful tool, you can analyze the followers of your competitor’s account and see the posts. But keep in mind that many tools also have some drawbacks and limited features. So, you may also find some limited features also in this tool. Gramhir provides an easy way to examine the target competitors’ followers and posts to enhance your audience.

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