Gina Sasso: All you need to know

Gina Sasso is one the most famous women. She is an entrepreneur and she worked for a sales and marketing company. She is very popular because she was also the ex-wife of the late Tommy Ford who was an actor and comedian. Tommy Ford was very famous because he played the role in Martin as Thomas “Tommy” Strawn.

If you want to know about Gina Sasso then you can easily know through this article. So, just scroll down in the article.

Early Life of Gina Sasso

Gina Sasso was born on 13 March 1963 and she is now 60 years old in June 2023 the height of her is 5 feet and 8 inches. She is one of those women who have brown hair as she has brown hair and dark brown eyes. She belongs to America and that’s why she has American nationality. As far as the zodiac sign of her is concerned then the zodiac sign of Gina Sasso is Pisces.

Personal Life of Gina Sasso

The love of Gina Sasso starts when she goes on a work trip to Los Angeles and meets with Thomas (Tommy). They became interested just after their initial meeting and then started dating. Gina Sasso married Thomas Mikel Ford in April 1997.

The luxurious wedding of the couple is at the Rio Hotel and Resort of Las Vegas. The couple’s relationship went smoothly and they became the parents of two children. She has a daughter and a son and now both are adults and living alone.

Gina and Thomas Mikel Ford both enjoyed their married life of 17 years and they could not resolve their issues properly as a result they had to live separately and ultimately they separated by divorce in Sep 2014.

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Professional Career of Gina

By profession, Gina is a Democrat. Aside from that, Gina ran a sales and marketing firm. But she rose to fame after marrying the famous actor and comedian Thomas Mikel Ford.

The Career of Thomas Mikel Ford

Thomas Mikel Ford started his career by acting as a straight man for Martin Lawrence’s jokes. He started his acting career in the television series Martin. In 1996, Thomas also had an opportunity to get his first-ever NAACP Award.

He also acted as the father of Kim and the ex-husband of Nikki in the seven episodes of the UPN series, Mel Parker.

Because of his consistency in the comedy shows he got the title of “The Pope of Comedy”. Thomas also took part in the crime adventure Against the Low in 1997.

Thomas also acted in the Kid’s Play in 2010 and he also wrote innovative novels for children such as I Am Responsible For Me and Positive Attitude.

Biography of Gina Sasso

In this section of the article, you will know more about Gina through her biography.

  • My full Name is Gina Sasso.
  • The birthplace of Gina Sasso is Kingston, Jamaica.
  • Date of Birth is 13 March 1963.
  • Age of Gina is 60 years old.
  • The height is 5 feet and 8 inches.
  • The weight of Gina is 62kg.
  • Her eye color of Gina is Dark Brown.
  • Her hair color of Gina is Brown.
  • Their nationality of Gina is American.
  • Their ethnicity of Gina is Black.
  • The Zodiac sign of Gina Sasso is Pisces.
  • Gender of Gina is female.
  • Marital Status is divorced.
  • The Ex-husband or Ex-Spouse of Gina is Thomas Mikel Ford.
  • The children of Gina are Thomas Ford and Madison Ford.
  • The profession of Gina is Entrepreneur.

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The net worth of Gina Sasso in 2023

Gina Sasso is a businesswoman or entrepreneur by profession before married Thomas Mikel Ford. Thomas Mikel Ford is a famous actor and comedian. The net worth of Gina Sasso in 2023 is between $500 thousand to $1 million. She earns this amount of money because she is a businesswoman.


The summary of this article is that Gina Sasso is a businesswoman she married a popular actor and comedian and then she also became popular in the world. They spent their 17 years of marriage life happily but they failed to resolve their issues and in the end, they started to live separately after divorce. They have two children. One is the son and the second is the daughter.

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