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Gina Curl: Biography, Career and Lifestyle


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Gina Curl is a Curl Renewal System and Straight Alteration for hair. If you have curly hair and want to straighten your hair then approach Gina Curl. It will provide you with good services to get looser and more manageable hair and they will keep your hair the same as it was (without adding other hair). Your hair stays the same without interpreting the natural elasticity of your hair and you will need to rework once in a year or twice.

The Gina Curl only takes up to 1 hour to perform processing with your hair. If any customer comes to retouch the hair then they don’t again perform the whole reforming process instead of this, they only apply the cream on the hair. When the new growth of your hair has started to appear then it will blend with the processed hair easily.

What Gina Curl does and its prices?

It provides people with services for their hair. If they have fizzy, rough, inflexible, less shiny, and hard-type hair then they should approach this hair retransformation system. It provides the processes to lower the frizz and to make hair shiner, softer and smoother because it restructures the hair.

As far as prices are concerned, so I’m going to show you their packages with different prices (Prices can be changed so make sure first from the official source).

  • For Short Hair, the price starts at $950.
  • For Medium Hair, the price starts at $1200.
  • For Long Hair, the price starts at $1500+.

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Steps to retransform the hair

There are three steps of Gina Curl to retransform your hair.

•          Use of Chemical

In the first step, they break down the protein chain of your hair by using chemicals. They use a chemical curl reformer for breaking up the protein chain to allow the hair to reform into the new shape the customer wants.

•          Use of wind

In the second step, they use wind around the perm rods in order to customize the favorite pattern of your hair. As I told you above that they break down the protein chain to reform it into a new shape, so in the next step they use heat oxidation to reorder the protein bonds of your hair.

By heat oxidation, your hair reorder in the desired pattern as you want!

•          Reform the bonds

After applying chemicals and using head oxidation, they have neutralized your hair and permanently reshape the bonds of your hair into a desired pattern.

These three steps take time and give the desired pattern to the client. Gina Curl takes 1 hour for processing to reform the structure of the hair.

Appointment at Gina Curl

Customers can get an appointment at Gina Curl but before the appointment for physically, there is an online consultation. After receiving the online consultation from the customer they send a quote to the customer and answer the different questions if they have any. Then the customer will be allowed to call the salon in order to schedule the date and time of her appointment.

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If any customer has thin or fine hair?

If any customer has thin or fine hair then Gina Curl recommends to that customer that she should keep her hair short, it will look lengthy or full.

The initial cost of Gina Curl?

The price of this salon starts from $950. Also, the price of starting is $950 for the starting length of three inches. The price of $350 of the $950 is considered a deposit price. This deposit price ($350) will confirm the appointment and date and time. If the client cancels the appointment within 7 days of the appointment then the deposit price will not refund.


To conclude the article, there is a recommendation that visit Gina Curl’s official website in order to get more know-how about it. They have answered many different questions regarding hair. This salon is very suitable for your fizzy and rough hair because they deal in making the hair shiner, softer and smoother. They follow three steps in processing to reform the hair into a new shape as the customer desired. If any customer has come to Gina Curl for retouch and her hair has been treated before then first of all they apply the protection cream and then apply the curl reformer. They take up to 1 hour to process the hair.

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