Festia: An Festival to Enjoy

Festia is a festival that has come at Mabinogi. This new festival is a fun-packed festival with games and prizes for the winners. Celebrate this festival with your Milletians! Participate in the different games and win multiple prizes too.

If you have no idea about Festia then don’t worry in this article you will explore many things about Festia.

Described in detail

If you are unaware of traveling to reach the Festia then you can also reach through the tab of the Character Info screen. When you will arrive, you should make sure to meet with Tia. If you want to begin the wonderful adventure then speak to Tia.

If you are willing to participate in some minigames, then you will be required to have VIP Passes. In order to get the VIP Passes you have to complete the daily quest for VIP Passes that will be delivered by the Fez.

Some permanent individuals who participate in the minigames have top rankings. Those players who perform well receive 1-5 Festia Commemorative Gift Boxes, and those players who claim the top three rankings earn exceptional periods of Grandmaster wings!

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Landmark is the area in Festia that consists of a tree and wooden floor that also meet with the stone pathways. You spend the time here while talking with your friends. If you resting in the landmark then you are receiving the 18 EXP in every second.  Stats are + 10, Max damage + 15, Critical/Defense/Protection + 5, Magic Defense/Magic Protection + 5, Max HP/MP/Stamina + 100. The maximum number of EXP is 64800 which can be achieved per day.

Stage of Festia

Festia Stage is one of the main structures and areas of Festia. Party Leaders can book it for 5 to 90 minutes. The performance on the stage will be started after 1 minute when the step-up will be set. The party that has reserved should be near the stage for its turn. If the party will not near the stage when their turn comes then the reservation of that party will be cancelled. Only the next party will stand up in a queue for its turn.

But one of the best assistance of Festia is that there is a Stage Helper that assists the party to approach the stage. If everybody leaves the party then the booking of the party will also be cancelled. But if anyone leaves the party then the whole party is still not allowed to leave the party early.

There are some instructions for the non-performers:

  • If the non-performers have pets and some partners then don’t call them before their turn.
  • Non-performers should be near the stage for their turn as much as they can.
  • If the Rest was taken before the performance then it will not be cancelled.
  • There will be a step-up period for the non-performers and they have to be ready before the step-up period ends.
  • Only gestures will be allowed.

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NPC Concert of Festia

This concert will be controlled by NPC groups as well as starting time is 9:30 PM PDT. The Festia Stage will not be available during the concert time (from 9:00 pm DPT to 10:00 pm DPT) because the concert will be held during its time. The Milletians are enjoying with music and different tunes.

Gallery Shooting of Festia

Gallery shooting is one of the traditional ways of shooting as a game. There will be a shooting team in the area of Gallery shooting. If you want to play the gallery shooting game then say to them that you have to play the game. Festia VIP Passes will be used in order to play. Once your turn has come then you have 60 seconds to complete the opponent. Focus on the target and take a breath and then shoot. Try to achieve points as many as possible. If you have achieved maximum points at the end of your turn then you will be rewarded with the Festia Commemorative Gift Box.

I mentioned just a few but keep in mind that there are many other activities in Festia.

Quest of Festia

There is guidance for quest in order to give you awareness.

•          How you can get the quest

You have to log in during the period of the event.

•          What should you do

You have to talk with Tia if you have entered the Festia. Learn the procedure of how to enter and leave the Festia. Understand the process of how to participate in the minigames as well as learn about Festia diary, Landmark, and ranking system.

•          Rewards

There are 5000 experience points and 1000 Gold.

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Daily Quest

There are some points of another round.

•          How players get the quest

Login in order to get the quest.

•          What should you do

You need to meet with Fez in order to get Festia VIP Passes. You should play 1 minigame in the Festia.

•          Some Rewards

There are 3000 experience points and x2 Festia VIP Passes.

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