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FAFCE: Introduction, History, and Board


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The Federation of Catholic Family Association in Europe is founded in 1997. FAFCE serves as a European interaction platform because it is a central organization for its members and a non-profit organization. Through this global organization, people share their family support experiences with each other and also talk about family issues. Did you think that how it is a global organization? Yes, this is a global organization of European liaison because it has 19 member organizations in 14 different countries as well as 8 related members.

As FAFCE is a central organization for family support and talks over family policy issues so it makes sure to represent the families politically in both Council of the Europe and European Union. FAFCE puts effort into the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church. By putting effort into social teaching, FAFCE is promoting the beauty, and decency of each member and its wealth. FAFCE also holds participatory status with the Council of Europe. This Federation is also a member of the Fundamental Rights Platform of the European Union.

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History of FAFCE

Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and after this incident, catholic family associations assembled from European countries in order to make a European platform. Family associations from Austrian, German, Italian, and French gathered and signed a charter in 1991. Later on, these family associations signed in 1994 law in order to bring together European Catholic Family organizations. By 1997, this coordination of catholic family associations has become the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE). It was registered in Strasbourg, France.

With the participative status of the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in 2001, the Council of Europe acknowledged this Federation as a non-governmental. But after a year, the Federation of Catholic Family Associations (FAFCE) was allowed to submit its complaints. But FAFCE had to submit complaints according to the standard structure of the European Social Charter.

In the end, the Federation of Catholic Family Associations (FAFCE) opened its main office in Brussels in 2009. As time passed with the years, the number of member organizations increased. Today, FAFCE is well known in Europe and represents organizations from all areas of Europe.

FAFCE’s Vision

The vision of the Federation of Catholic Family Associations (FAFCE) is very clear in front of the world. Their vision is to highlight the family in any matter because without families communities don’t achieve their goals. The role of family matters a lot in any society. Society should give facilities to needy families. A society is made up of the family.

Families have a major role in any society’s economic growth. Government should provide an easy way of life for families and create special packages for families. There should be no hurdle for everyone to make a family and always support individuals to make a happy family. The future of any society depends on the actions and contributions of the families.

That’s why the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE) is an organization that shares family experiences with each other and discusses family issues in order to create a way to resolve them. From its main office in 2009 to now, the Federation has achieved many goals and has many organizations in all areas of Europe.

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Board of FAFCE

Every member organization is represented in the board of FAFCE.

  • President: VINCENZO BASSI FORUM Italy.
  • Vice President: CORNEL BARBUT AFC Vladimir Ghika, Romania
  • Second Vice President: ANGELIKA WEICHSEL MITTERRUTZNER Catholic Family Association, South Tyrol
  • Honorary President: ANTOINE RENARD CNAFC, France
  • Treasurer: ALFRED TRENDL KFO, Austrin

These are some top member organizations from different areas. There are also some other member organizations of the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE).

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