Everything You Need to Know About Ifuntv

As an energetic shopper of streaming amusement, you’re dependably watching out for the best in class choices to fulfill your review needs. While the central parts like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video overwhelm the scene, more modest specialty administrations are arising to give designated content to explicit crowds. One such choice you may not as yet be know all about is ifuntv. ifuntv is a web-based feature zeroed in completely on unscripted television, game shows, narratives, and live occasions.

They offer a robust library of popular shows from networks like TLC, Discovery, History Channel, and more. For reality TV junkies, ifuntv could prove an ideal all-you-can-watch buffet. If you’ve cut the cord and reality TV is your guilty pleasure, ifuntv deserves your consideration as a streaming service to fulfill your needs. Here’s everything you need to know about ifuntv to determine if it’s the right choice for your streaming entertainment.

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What Is Ifuntv? The Streaming Service for Live TV

Ifuntv is a well-known live television real time feature that offers an option in contrast to customary link. For a month to month membership charge, Ifuntv gives admittance to significant transmission and link channels so you can observe live television on your shrewd televisions, streaming gadgets, gaming consoles, telephones, tablets, and PCs.

A Wide Range of Entertainment Options

Ifuntv offers more than 150 stations of live television from significant transmission and link organizations. This incorporates nearby stations like ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS as well as link channels like ESPN, HGTV, dynamite, and CNN. There are likewise choices to add premium organizations like HBO and Kickoff for an extra month to month charge. The channel arrangement changes somewhat relying upon your area.

Convenient Features

Ifuntv provides an intuitive interface to browse live TV listings, set recordings, and discover new content to watch. You can create a customized channel guide to filter only your favorite channels. The service allows you to stream on up to two devices at once and set up profiles for different family members. Ifuntv also offers unlimited cloud DVR storage space so you can record multiple shows and watch on your own time.

Affordable Pricing

Ifuntv starts at only $25 per month with no contracts required. You can cancel at any time. The service offers few add-on channel packages to choose from to expand your entertainment options. Ifuntv is available on most streaming devices, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and mobile devices so you can enjoy live TV wherever and whenever. For those looking to cut the cord from traditional pay TV, Ifuntv provides an affordable streaming solution for live TV.

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Ifuntv Channel Lineup: Over 60 Live Channels and On-Demand Content

With over 60 live channels and a robust on-demand library, iFuntv has something for everyone.

Live Channels

iFuntv offers live surges of significant transmission networks like ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS, so you can partake in your number-one shows as they air. It likewise includes 24-hour news channels like CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC.

For avid supporters, choices incorporate ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, NBCSN, and the NFL Organization. iFuntv additionally has a way of life and amusement stations including HGTV, Food Organization, tender loving care, Disclosure, History, and A&E.

On-Demand Content

In addition, to live TV, iFuntv provides thousands of on-demand shows and movies to stream whenever you want. Much of this content is available the day after airing on live TV. iFuntv’s on-demand library includes current shows from major networks as well as full past seasons of many hit series.

The movie selection features major blockbusters, cult classics, documentaries, foreign films, and more. iFuntv also produces its own original content, like award-winning shows and movies created specifically for subscribers.

With diverse, commercial-free content options for streaming or downloading, iFuntv has something to suit any viewer’s needs or mood. Between the live channels and extensive on-demand library, you’ll never run out of entertainment.

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How Much Does Ifuntv Cost? Subscription Options and Free Trials

Ifuntv offers a few subscription options at different price points to suit your needs.

Monthly Subscription

For $4.99/month, you get access to Ifuntv’s entire catalog of shows and movies. This is a recurring monthly charge that will continue until you cancel. You can cancel at any time. This is a good option if you only watch occasionally or seasonally.

Annual Subscription

Pay $49.99 for a full year of access upfront. This amounts to about $4.17/month and saves you $10 over the monthly option. The annual subscription is ideal if you know you’ll be using Ifuntv regularly to watch your favorite shows and movies.

Free Trial

Ifuntv offers new members a free 7-day trial to test the service. You will need to provide a payment method, but you can cancel within 7 days to avoid being charged the monthly or annual fee. The free trial allows you to explore Ifuntv’s content catalog and experience to determine if a paid subscription suits your needs before committing financially.

In summary, Ifuntv aims to provide entertainment options for a variety of budgets and viewing frequencies. Whether you want to dip in for a free trial, pay monthly or annually, or start and stop as needed, Ifuntv has a subscription choice right for you. The service grants access to Ifuntv’s entire collection of television shows, movies, documentaries, and more for your enjoyment on multiple compatible devices.


In closing, ifuntv offers an engaging streaming service with a variety of content to suit many interests. Whether you’re looking to stay on top of current events, dive into a new series, re-watch a favorite movie, or explore documentaries on topics that fascinate you, it likely has something for you. The service provides both live and on-demand options to fit your schedule. With competitive pricing and high-quality content, ifntv deserves consideration as your streaming entertainment provider. You now have all the details on what into offers and how to get started. All that’s left is for you to begin streaming and enjoying all the service has to offer.

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