Doujindesu: complete overview of manga


Many people search about the description of the doujindesu? Actually, doujindesu is a Japanese term use by the anime and manga fans to describe their hobby or love of collecting and reading manga. The word doujinshi has been derive from two words; “doujin” and “shi” meaning fan and books respectively. Therefore, the word doujindesu can be read as fanbook. Doujinshi are generally designe by amateur artists and are frequently center on popular manga, anime, or video games. They are written for both adults and children and contain serious, thrilling and sometimes they also contain sexual explicit content. The market of doujindesu is vast and there are many events that are concerned with the selling and buying of manga.

This event contains a vital importance in the eyes of the manga lovers and is becoming more popular day by day. The doujindesu has been becoming more and wider in the current era. It has become popular that even some of the doujindesu are being sold commercially. Some of the manga writers have created their career in the manga and anime industry.

Whether you are manga fan or you know even a small thing about manga or doujindesu then this discussion is going to become interesting. We have given a complete overview about the manga that is probably going to help you to know interesting facts about doujindesu.

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Background of doujindesu:

The Japanese term doujinshi is use for the self- publish work, most probably the magazines, manga or novels. Doujinshi are usually the work of laypersons, although some professional artists play a part as a way to publish material outside the systematic industry. The background of doujinshi is thoroughly associate with the history of anime and manga fandom in Japan. In the initial days of anime and manga fandom, admirers would gather at convocation to craft and share fan-made works. These works were frequently spoofy or homage to well-known anime and manga series, and the word doujinshi came to be use to describe them.

During the era of 1980s, the doujinshi market started to development due to which the professional publishers begin to take notice. Some of the doujinshi artists began to take their work to the professional level.  They starts demanding about the equal status like the office work. This is how the doujinshi market begins to start spread and has become a visible source of the new talent.

Currently, the doujinshi market has become one of the most popular multi-million industries that are making audience as online and also as conventions. Many popular manga series has gained a huge audience. Many of the manga authors have gone onto and become professional manga authors. This is how much manga has spread its roots in the current era of modernization. The demand of manga or Japanese comics and novels has been on peak and the authors are becoming professional. They are also proving the world that how much talented they actually are.

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Benefits of Doujindesu:

Globally, the anime and manga fans demonstrate to the fact that doujindesu is the unsurpassed way to enjoy your favorite title. Here’s a guide for those people who don’t know about doujindesu; it refers to the practice of reading comics or manga in the original Japanese language. There are various benefits of reading manga even if you are not the native speaker of Japanese.

  • This is beneficial for those who have interest in the learning about the history and the culture of Japan.
  • It motivates the audience to appreciate the original work of the author.
  • Additionally, reading manga can help you to improve your Japanese speaking skills and help you to improve your vocabulary. This also helps you to enhance and ad more new words to your vocabulary.
  • Through reading manga you will be able to increase your reading speed and boost-up your understanding about the manga stories.
  • Doujindesu is the best way to experience your favorite manga in the native language of Japan and is the best way to understand Japanese culture.

If you have interest in reading and knowing about Japan then this is the best way to understand and increase your knowledge about it.

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Methods to create manga:

If you are interested in reading and creating manga then this will prove to be the best for you to do so. This is basically a Japanese comic. It is read form right to left to be beautiful artwork showing the talent of authors. The steps to create manga are as following:

Firstly, you are require to come with a story. This can be whatever from a slice of life story, like an imaginary story. Once if you have a simple idea about what you need your story to be about, you can began sketching your characters.

Secondly, you will be require to start drawing in your panels. This is the how you can jerk to lay out your story. You will be want to ensure that your panels drift nicely and your artwork is informal to track.

Once, if you have your decided the story and artwork, you can began penciling your doujindesu. This is how you will supplement in the black outlines that will describe your typescripts and panels.

At last, you will be neediness to supplement color to your doujindesu. You can use any colors of your choice, but you will need to ensure that they accompaniment your artwork.

Now you are able to create your own manga. It will felt difficult at the beginning but you will enjoy drawing it after the practice of some time.


Doujindesu is a type of Japanese manga or comic, showing the culture and history of Japanese. People who have interest in knowing more about Japan and are trying to learn their native language this is best option for them. Every year a manga event takes place that have a vital importance in the eyes of manga fans. These comics are written for both young people and children that is showing the talent of Japanese people. At the beginning manga was not that popular but with the passage of time people become excited about manga books.

This was the complete overview about the doujindesu; hope that this discussion has proven helpful for you.

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