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Cowboy Draw is a lottery where players must pick 5 numbers


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Cowboy Draw is one of the newest additions to the Wyoming lottery family and it is a flagship game. Cowboy Draw is popular as the state’s very own lottery game with more fun, better ads, and exciting payouts. So the first drawing took place in March 2015, and the game has been a hit ever since. And it is one of the cool games that specifies that a single ticket comes with 2 seats of numbers. So we can say that you can get only two chances to win a prize with every ticket you buy, But the game has also a minimum definite jackpot and that amount can’t fall under the sum of 25k dollars. So the Cowboy Draw player must pick 5 numbers from 1 to 45 and a single play slip costs $5. The players win the jackpot by matching all 5 winning draw numbers.

Rules Leading Cowboy Draw:

So this is important to see the rules for Cowboy Draw and follow them. First, the matter is of age, because the legal age for playing this game is 18 years and older. So after that, the cutoff for buying these game tickets in Wyoming is on the day of the drawing. Also, ticket cancellation is only allowed in specific situations otherwise you cannot do this because this is against their rules. So after that players must claim their lottery winning within 180 days. And from the date of the drawing, their winning will be encouraged. So most lotteries in the U.S. provide two options for claiming the prize money. Players must make their choice between them within 60 days. So lottery retailers are officially to cash all winning tickets with a prize of up to 599 Dollars. The retailer pays for the prizes with cash.

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Important details for winners of Cowboy Draw:

People who win prizes can claim the sum from any authorized retail venue in the Cowboy Draw game. So the prizes that are 60 dollars or more can be claimed solely at the WyoLotto headquarters in Cheyenne. It is also possible to claim mail after winning in the Cowboy Draw game. So for this download the winner claims form from the WyoLotto website, fill it out, and submit it to headquarters. In the Cowboy Draw game, all winners have the right to maintain their privacy. So irrespective of the amount that they have just quick. And Wyoming is a great place for winning a lottery prize on this amazing platform. It is one of the few countries that does not charge a state tax on lottery prizes. So there will be a federal income tax and all the prizes are paid to winners.

Is Cowboy Draw legit or a Scam?

The Cowboy Draw is the newest platform of lottery in Wyoming and it is far from a scam or legit. It is regulated and operated by a state entity, and the game gives you a certain chance to win Cash. So Wyoming Cowboy Draw lottery or its corporation was made in July 2013. And this was when the agreement was signed and it enabled the state entity. So to create lottery games and sign agreements with other state lottery operators. The Cowboy Draw Wyoming is one of the few states that prohibit the sales of scratch cards and other instant-win games. And this is probable to earn about 9 million dollars as a result of the WyoLotto operations. So this platform is the only game offered in the state that is not a multi-state lottery.

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Professionals of Wyoming Cowboy Draw:

  • So the Cowboy Draw game has 2 drawings per week and that is Monday and Thursday. And there is a minimum definite jackpot of 25o,000 dollars. So the jackpot will roll over if there is no winner.
  • The Cowboy Draw Wyoming is an amazing lottery game and it also pays cash to the winners. So this platform is not a scam or legit and this is playing in the U.S. with fun and excitement.
  • Jackpot is paid in the form of a cash lump sum and the ticket features 2 sets of 5 numbers. So it increases the odds number of winning and there are 3 prize tiers on top of the jackpot.
  • Wyoming does not charge a state income tax on lottery prizes and this game is a great one. So Cowboy Draw is the best platform for people who want to win cash.


The Cowboy Draw platform is still a baby but it is already gained a lot of numbers of fans. So in Wyoming, your partialities and goals will help you to determine whether it is worth a try. With excellent odds of winning this platform deserves a chance. So buy your ticket, test your luck, and who knows that this day is lucky for you. And this may be your chance to become at least a little bit richer.


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