Bonnie Sanders Zipline: Deadly accident of Bonnie Sanders Burney

Bonnie Sanders Burney was a child girl who was 12 years old when she was killed in a zip line accident. She was a little girl when she died in a zip line accident and this incident made everybody sad and bonnie sanders zipline become on top trending. She died in a zip line accident at Camp Cheerio on Thursday and she was only 12 years old.

The CEO of the YMCA of High Point named David Ozmore who runs Camp Cheerio tells the public that Bonnie Sanders Burney fell from the zip line. David Ozmore said that the zip line in which Bonnie Sanders Burney was sitting was tangled with another zip line and cut the zip line and Burney fell from almost two stories top to the ground. Ozmore also told that the camp has many doctors and nurses on staff. They reached it due to its remote location.

Ozmore said that Bonnie Sanders Burney was quickly taken to a close by the hospital but she was severely injured. There were a dozen of children and camp instructors and they could not see what happened, David Ozmore added.

David Ozmore also added that “this is the first serious and major incident that we have had in 60 years. We have never had a calamity like this.”

Bonnie Sanders Burney’s Obituary

Burney’s obituary said that Burney completed her 6th-grade cum laude at St. Mark Catholic School. Burney’s obituary also told that Burney was also called the “Sanders”. Sanders loves the beach and family camp and she is a very intelligent, lively, and sweet soul. Sanders had also received many tennis awards. Sanders’s spirit, eagerness, and passion for her life are catching. We have no words to tell you how much Sanders will be missed.

The service was held at St. James Episcopal Church in Wilmington along with a reception that was followed in the Lee Perish Hall.

The obituary of Bonnie Sanders Burney said that in lieu of flowers, charitable donations were made to St. Mark Catholic School in Bonnie Sanders’ name.

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Ozmore’s interview

Zip lines were closed and off-limits until the investigation would be completed that how it actually happened and what was the reason behind this tangled incident between bonnie sanders zipline. Because if people are not focused on the reason that it might happen again.

All safety precautions were followed, Ozmore added.

Ozmore said, “We perform some risky activities but we are always aware of safety and security. We inspect the zip line every year and we inspected it in the spring of this year (when the interview of Ozmore was actually taken).”

Ozmore also stated that “We have certification training that our climbing staff went through and this instructor was one of our more mature staff.”

Also, Ozmore also said that the camp is checking its operation in the wake of the accident.

Ozmore said that “What we have to do is we have to look at everything we did good and bad.” He also said that “We have to look at and honestly ask ourselves, did we make a mistake? Were we careful?”

Suggestions for others

From these sorrowful bonnie sanders zipline incidents, we should learn something. We cannot be less careful in any matter where life is more important than other work. If your children want to enjoy some rides then make sure that your children are safe. Also, all safety precautions have done. Because any careless attitude can hurt you! So, be careful in doing every activity.

Bonnie sanders zipline death made everyone sad and gloomy. Zip lines were also closed in order to investigate why it happened. So, be aware of your children.

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